Why You Should Invest In Mobile Unlocking

Most small businesses today require some degree of attention and effort to get a return on your investment. More often than not, people turn to those options which have the least barriers to entry but seem to have the most competitors. Although there’s absolutely no problem with that, some businesses require less labor and a little less physical presence than conventional businesses i.e.: online ones, which makes them a very efficient second source of income. If your job or other business requires your full effort, why not try a business which requires less? Here’s why you should invest in mobile unlocking.

Mobile unlocking could be just the thing for you if you’re looking to build a steady business to go with your existing one or if you’re looking for something to invest in, here it is! Don’t get us wrong, this article doesn’t promise you the moon and stars, but rather a stable and reasonable way to earn with enough effort and patience.

What is mobile unlocking?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, mobile unlocking is essentially taking your carrier locked phone and “unlocking” it, so to speak. There are lots of benefits to this and it’s something more people should be aware of. If your phone is carrier locked, there are some things you’re limited to do. We’ve written an article that discusses exactly that and why you should unlock your phone, read more by clicking here. If that’s not enough, you can actually earn by offering others the same service.

How do I earn from unlocking phones?

Since a lot of people still buy phones that come along with their carrier’s plans, there’s plenty to go around for those looking to make a business out of unlocking phones. If you’ve experienced the process before or don’t have a clue how it works, you’ll eventually learn that the process is not that complicated and just takes a bit of tech know-how. Especially if you’re already in touch with a mobile unlocking code provider, it’s easier than you might think. 

So how can you earn from unlocking phones? Well, with StockUnlocks and WooCommerce, you can turn your site to a mobile unlock code provider and add functionality to your site while earning. You won’t even have to do the unlocking yourself. StockUnlocks will automate the process for you and provides the customer with all the steps they need. All you have to do is customize some stuff to make it cohesive with your site. No coding required from you at all. Getting it to work is simple enough, plus you earn on every transaction that happens on your site.

How is StockUnlocks different?

StockUnlocks is not a provider of codes by any means, but rather a plugin for WordPress sites which gives you the means to consolidate different providers and offer it to customers. With the plugin, your site could be a one-stop-shop for those looking for such services. Since providers out there are not able to unlock some phones since it depends on your carrier, phone model, location, among other stuff, StockUnlocks will enable your site to provide more than one supplier while automating most of the process for you. Regardless of those facts, all your customer sees is you providing the unlock codes and instructions.

If coding is something not in your tool belt, that’s fine too! StockUnlocks can integrate into your site along with WooCommerce with minimal to no coding knowledge at all. All that’s left for you to do is customize the notifications, add suppliers, and you’re basically good to go. A nice thing to note is the end users would not know you import supplier services and all they end up with is an unlocked phone.


Since we’re all in the middle of the pandemic, the best thing we can do to is help our healthcare providers and ourselves by staying safe at home to curb the number of infected individuals. Although we understand the need for some to still grind and provide for their families, it’s the perfect time to invest in other sources of income. If this pandemic taught us one thing it’s that our daily lives can be disrupted and offset everything we do on a daily basis. It also taught a lot of us that being able to make a living right in the comfort of home is a great way to stay safe and earn.

StockUnlocks hopefully is one of those platforms to do just that. We hope you understood why you should invest in mobile unlocking. If you’re interested at all, click here to subscribe to our newsletter to receive product updates, new blogs, guides, and more. 

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