StockUnlocks WordPress plugin for mobile unlocking and mobile repair shops

Why is StockUnlocks Perfect For Mobile Repair Shops?

Going out these days is more like a mini survival game now. These are the stuff we see in movies we never really give much thought until now. Since it’s unlikely that the world will return to the way it was soon, a lot of things we used to do have to change. Even getting phones fixed is something some people might now rethink, and that goes with all other services that come with it. Since repairing phones is something we can’t do over the internet, StockUnlocks is perfect for mobile repair shops. This brings one aspect of your business online.

We’ve seen lots of businesses transition to keep afloat and we think repair shops and services should do the same. Well, you might not be able to do repair services online but there are always workarounds for that. StockUnlocks is a great tool to bring your unlocking services online and allow your customers to do that for themselves while you earn from it. Do you directly supply the unlock codes? Offer your services to shops and enable them as resellers. This extends your reach to more than one or two customer bases. That effectively doubles your network with just one reseller.

That’s not where it stops, along with the website you use for mobile unlocking, you can offer a pick-up and drop off service for those wanting to get their phones fixed. We’ll leave the logistics up to you but you get the whole idea. Since even groceries can be sent to your door, why not the mobile repair services, right?

On top of all that, it keeps your hands free from one more thing to micromanage since it serves as a management or utility tool that keeps track of everything for you. If you use a pen and paper or spreadsheets to manually track everything, StockUnlocks will consolidate everything for you.

So how does StockUnlocks work?

Well, it depends why you ask, for those offering unlocking services as a reseller or if you outsource the codes, our plugin connects to your suppliers via their custom remote API. Along with the WooCommerce plugin, it’ll automate most of the process for you, you’ll also earn with mark-ups, a win-win for you, the supplier, and the customer since you all didn’t have to directly meet. As for direct source suppliers, you’ll be able to extend your service beyond your existing reach.

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