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Why Invest in Web Design: A Guide For Small Businesses

Setting up a business and building a website to match is a great way to drive sales. But if you already have both, setting them up for success should be your next priority. Back in the day, it’s as easy as putting up a website and watching the customers flow in. As appealing as that sounds, getting traffic and getting sales online has been much more complicated since then. If you’ve built your website before or read a few things about it, chances are you’ve read some stuff on SEO and a bunch of stuff that makes your website more visible. Today we’ll be talking about what makes web design and development a key part of any website.

Visitors judge your website within seconds

A lot of studies show that your visitors judge within a few seconds of your website loading in. As much as we don’t want to be judged on first impressions, we actually make these often for new sites we visit. Even from small things from a misplaced piece of text to outdated design, your numbers could dive. That said, even the slow loading time of your website could make them click away. Some say that for some sites that load in longer than 3 seconds gets significantly lower traffic. According to Neil Patel and his data suggests that websites that load in for more than 3 seconds get much lower sales and higher bounce rates. Not to mention you won’t be seeing those visitors again. 

Mobile responsiveness is key

Like we said earlier, it’s more complicated now more than ever to increase your traffic. Nowadays, even Google judges your website and how responsive it is on mobile devices. What is mobile responsiveness you might ask? If your website loads in a mobile browser without any elements breaking and everything scales well, that’s it. That means you have a responsive website. Google actually has a mobile-friendliness test for everyone wanting any insights on that. If your site breaks on a mobile browser then that could be why your site is not driving sales.

If your search rankings took a hit because of an unresponsive website on mobile, then your sales will most likely follow. We’ve mentioned this before as well, but more or less half of the traffic nowadays is from mobile users. That means a lot of people checking carts out from their phones. As complicated as it seems, just try out checking your website from your phone and go through what your customer does and see which areas to improve on. 

You’ll get more for each visit

Aside from getting people to click on your website and actually staying, you can get more from them than just the traffic or initial sale. If you’ve done things right, you can get people to click more links and give you higher chances of a sale or a newsletter subscription. Of course, re-targeting past customers has always been a proven tactic. But sales funnels are also here for those that hesitate on buying your product. I’m sure you’ve tried visiting a website and not actually buying anything until your second or third visit, right? This holds true for most websites that actually have a great design. Hopefully, with enough effort, you’ll at least get them to sign up for a newsletter at first.

Build trust and credibility

Unless you know your site visitors personally, you’ll have to gain their trust with what they can see online. Having a website that looks poorly made will make it harder for them to give that trust that you need. Regardless if you’re trustworthy or not depends on your website. If you want to get past that, make sure your design is well made and up to date. A couple of other ways to get past it is to make sure all your information is accurate and straight to the point. Checking back for grammatical errors is key here. Be sure not to leave any sketchy information and don’t be shy to use customer feedback and testimonials to back you up.

What does it mean to have great web design? 

To put it simply, great web design will always have all the information a visitor needs while keeping the aesthetics present. Don’t be afraid to be straightforward with your copy to make it as easy as it can be for visitors. Hubspot listed their best examples of great web design that you should check out for more inspiration.

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