How to create or build your own mobile unlocking web site – the scoop

Good questions. However, the answers are going to take more than just a couple of posts to break it down for you. I’ll give you all of the details in the weeks ahead and hopefully answer more questions along the way. So, get ready!

Our last post about why we hate unlocking websites kinda touched on the motivation behind improving my own unlocking website. But that got me to thinking: “Why not tell the WHOLE story?” Where do I start? Well, I unlock mobile phones.

My initial focus was the iPhone. Some time ago, I didn’t have a website to unlock iPhones, but I had an iPhone that needed unlocking.

I purchased that iPhone because I broke my PalmPilot. Is that the stupid reason? Hold on a second, there was a more specific reason I chose the iPhone when my PalmPilot broke. It had something to do with a particular application I was using at the time. I’ll get into that later.

For now, let’s just say that over the next few weeks you may read more than what you care to know regarding the birth of Somewhere along the line, you’ll read something related to the following:

  • This Website is a Result of a Broken PalmPilot??
  • That First Unlock: Just Wonderful.
  • Now, it’s My Turn
  • Unlocking iPhones: eBay was way too successful!
  • The Decision: Build My Own Unlocking Website

The titles might change, but you get the idea. Depending on what’s happening, I may need to inject another topic. Don’t worry, I’ll get back on track with the story if that happens.

Who knows, maybe my experience might just shed some light on the world of unlocking or help you get into the business. Maybe your input might help us stay in the business 😉 Let’s see …

you later,

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