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What is Apple GSX and What Does it Stand for?

GSX stands for Global Service Exchange. Authorized repair shops or Apple partners use the Apple GSX service. Thus, it’s a worldwide order management tool.

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The GSX service tool allows Apple partners to:

  • Provide business services for their customers
  • Directly interface with Apple
  • Obtain replacement parts and repair procedures
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If partners have their own custom software applications, they’re able to integrate their applications with GSX. As a result, they use a data exchange service called GSX Web Services.

Need to look up warranty information and service parts? There’s a tool called Lightspeed OnSite that can instantly access the Apple GSX database and return the warranty status.

Enter the serial number into Lightspeed OnSite. View and order from a list of equipment parts.

Lightspeed OnSite requires a GSX account to enable warranty and parts lookups. Therefore, Apple recommends that you set up a new GSX account for doing OnSite GSX lookups.

You must then request Apple to add the “Can Access Web Services” privilege to the GSX account.

Here is all the information needed for Setting up GSX with OnSite.

The Apple GSX Advantage: iPhone Details and Specs

If you partner with Apple, this service will permit you to submit the IMEI of an iPhone and immediately obtain the following details regarding that device:

  • The iPhone’s SIM Lock Status
  • ALL iPhone’s hidden issues
  • The iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  • Which Mobile Network locked or blacklisted your iPhone
  • iPhone’s true specs (color, storage, serial number and more)
  • The iPhone’s iCloud Lock Status
  • IMEI/SERIAL replacement status
  • The iPhone’s:
    • Contract Status
    • Warranty Status
    • Insurance Claims

Obviously, the Apple GSX Database contains just about everything needed to display the status of the iPhone. Most importantly, the GSX Database stores the unlocked status of the iPhone.

All you have to do is submit the iPhone’s IMEI number. If you need to know, there are various ways to find the iPhone’s IMEI number.

How to Access Apple GSX Tools?

As mentioned earlier, you need to become an Apple Partner in order to access these GSX tools. In fact, there are two types of programs that will allow you to access these tools:

1. Apple Authorized Service Provider Program

2. Self-Servicing Account Program

app products
Apple Products

The Apple Authorized Service Provider Program (AASP) is for companies that would like to offer services to customers who have purchased Apple products.

For example, these customers may be businesses, educational institutions or government organizations.

You can find all the information regarding how to qualify for the AASP here: Apple Authorized Service Provider Program

Types of Apple Authorized Service Providers

There are two types of Service Provider: Authorized Service Providers and Limited Service Providers.

Approved Authorized Service Providers provide repair services to all Apple customers.

The Limited Service Providers only provide service for specific customers or specific Apple products as defined in the agreement.

For example, the Limited Service Provider may only repair:

  • Products in a certain region
  • iPhones and not repair MacBooks or vice versa

Qualifying for an Authorized Service Account (AASP)

Apple examines four main areas in order to determine qualifications for an AASP account:

  1. Business Requirements
  2. Premises
  3. Technician Certification
  4. Operational Requirements

Apple’s website goes into greater detail regarding the requirements for Service Provider status.

In summary, businesses are required to:

  • Be in operation for a reasonable period of time
  • Have the records to prove it
  • Obtain an approved line of credit

The location of your business must be clean, secure, and easily accessible. In short, customers should be able to walk in and access service personnel without much difficulty. The business should be in a commercial location.

No, you can’t work from your home garage or basement, sorry.

In order to qualify for an AASP account, your technicians must be Apple Certified. Only approved technicians service Apple equipment.

For every thirty Apple repairs each week, a service provider should employ at least one Certified Technician.

Typically, Apple audits the Service Providers. As a result, high standards are consistently met.

Qualifying for a Self-Serving Account (SSA)

After considering the details involved in qualifying for the AASP account, you might come to realize that your business  will never meet the required qualifications. If that’s the case, the Self-Serving Account or SSA is another Apple program for you.

This program is for businesses and institutions who repair their own products. Not surprisingly, this convenience comes with the stipulation that all repairs must be performed in Apple’s Global Service Exchange or the GSX tool as well.

You may find everything related to applying for the Apple SSA here: Self-Servicing Account Program

Qualifying accounts will have the same access to the GSX tools as Apple Partners, but they are limited to using them on their own devices, hence the name “Self-Serving Account”.

Before you get too excited, please be aware that it’s not as simple as just signing up and getting approved for this program.

Here’s one highlight regarding qualifying for the SSA account taken directly from Apple’s website:

Program participants (Self-Servicers or Self Servicing Accounts) are authorized to repair only the products they own or lease.

What Essential Information is Needed?

The applicant must pass a pre-application assessment to be considered for the program. Apple require several essential pieces of information when making application to be considered for the SSA program.

Consider the following in order to qualify for authorization as a Self-Serving Account Provider:

  1. A minimum combined installed base of 1000 Apple products. These products can any combination of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. However, you need to supply proof of purchase.
  2. esd protection: lightning striking
    Electrostatic Discharge: Protection needed

    Two workspace area photos with appropriate tools and safety equipment clearly depicting: 2D barcode scanner, in addition to workbench, standard and specialized repair tools, appropriate gear to ensure Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Safety Compliance including grounded bench coverings, technician wrist straps and an ESD testing apparatus. Note: Picture should show flooring. Requires an ESD floor mat if carpet is present.

  3. Confirmation of a dedicated diagnostic server, i.e. Mac mini or equivalent
  4. Confirmation of an Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) and/or an Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) or details of plans to obtain a minimum of one or both within 90 days of Self Service account setup
  5. Requires a line of credit to participate in the SSA program. For credit verification, please include one of the following: 
    • Apple’s Finished Goods or Purchasing Account number
    • Completed credit application (Government agencies are not required to submit a credit application)

Self-Serving Account Program Benefits

Some of the SSA Account benefits include access to:

  • Apple’s service parts, exclusive diagnostic tools, and systems
  • Apple’s online technical and account management support functions
  • Support resources including: training modules, technical guides, support articles, invoicing/statements, performance metrics, and real-time chat and email support from Apple.

Another key point, there is no first-year or annual fees to participate in the program. Yes, Apple provides self-paced online training without additional charge. Free.

It appears that the only costs will be for taking the Apple certification exams. After your account is set up and approved, you will receive two vouchers towards your certification exams.

The Reliable Apple GSX Check Service [Full]

The “Apple Full GSX check” service assures that the information returned is reliable. Given that, if you have your own mobile or cell phone unlock website, make sure that your supplier offers this service.

Therefore, only legitimate and authorized cell phone or mobile unlock Providers can gain access to the Apple GSX Database to deliver their IMEI Check services.

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