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What is APAC Service and What Does it Stand For? [iPhone Unlock]

You’re scratching your head. You’re selling a mobile unlock service called APAC Service iPhone. You ask yourself, “What is APAC service and what does it stand for?”

APAC is an abbreviation for Asia Pacific. That’s what is stands for. It’s an actual cellular network which operates in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Oceania markets.

The APAC service is a provision to unlock an iPhone. That’s what it is. Once unlocked, the iPhone can function on non-APAC carrier networks.

The Birth of the APAC Network

Once upon a time, customers in this part of the world didn’t have an option to choose the iPhone. For technical reasons, the iPhone did not work on those networks.

Joining forces with Apple, these individual networks brought the iPhone to their customers. Basically, APAC was formed by multiple network carriers creating a single network to service all of the countries in this region.

Many network carriers serve these APAC markets. The total number of network carriers multiplies fast, when you include the MVNOs or a “Mobile Virtual Network Operator”.

Wikipedia describes an MVNO as a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which it provides services to its customers.

An MVNO enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates, then sets retail prices independently.” Simply put, an MVNO rents space on an existing mobile network.

Is the iPhone Locked to APAC?

There are services that most mobile unlock websites provide called [Apple Full GSX Carrier Check] or iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status. After running a check using your iPhone’s IMEI with one of these services, here are some of the results you can expect to receive:



IMEI: 0128xx00937xxxx

SERIAL: 61136ZLxxxx

CTN: 82102839xxxx

iOS: 5.0

MAC Address: 28E02C2A9B62

ICCID: 89823003100110xxxxx

Last Restored: 2011-10-14

Network Unlocked: False

Activation Status: Yes

Activation Date: 2011-10-07

Activated Carrier: KT Freetel – Korea, Repub

Original Carrier: Korea KTF

Applied Policy Id: 58 – APAC Service


The results reveal that the Activated Carrier is KT Freetel – Korea, Repub. The iPhone is network locked.

However, when an iPhone is sold in the APAC market, besides the specific carrier’s name, you will also see an entry next to Applied Policy. As shown in the results, that entry set to APAC Service.

Sometimes, there may not be a network carrier’s name entered next to Activated Carrier. It’s clear that the iPhone is not carrier network locked.

If this is the case, the entry for Applied Policy or Next Tether Activation Policy for the iPhone can still be flagged as APAC Service in Apple’s database.

Wait – There’s no Carrier Listed! 

What if the iPhone you’re checking out is not tied to a specific carrier but has Applied Policy set to APAC Service? In this case, you will still need to use an APAC iPhone unlocking service to change the Applied Policy or Next Tether Activation Policy Description to Unlock

Therefore, the iPhone is not officially unlocked if you don’t see the word Unlock next to Applied Policy or Next Tether Activation Policy.

Apple’s database must have the status set to Unlock. It cannot contain any other status setting.

Here’s an example of what the status settings for an officially unlocked iPhone will look like:


IMEI: 0128xx00937xxxx

Serial Number: 61136ZLxxxx

Part Description: IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK

Product Version: 6.1.2

Coverage Status: Out of Warranty

Coverage End Date:

First Unbrick Date: 07/10/11

Last Unbrick Date: 17/05/13

Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Unlock.

Lock Status: Unlocked


How to Unlock a Blacklisted APAC iPhone

Most people looking to release their iPhone from the APAC network lock may already know what APAC stands for.

So, you own an iPhone locked to the APAC network. How did you obtain it?

  • You purchased the iPhone from an individual
  • The iPhone is a gift

Either way, you need to be 100% sure about your iPhone’s IMEI, network locked or unlocked status.

If you’re an iPhone mobile unlocking reseller, you can see which wholesale service providers are providing these status checking services.

Besides that,  you can see what they’re charging by reading about the [Apple Full GSX Carrier Check] or the iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status.

To add just a little more frustration to your unlocking journey, you need to know if the IMEI for the iPhone is clean or not blacklisted before choosing the appropriate iPhone APAC unlock service.

A blacklisted (not clean) iPhone could mean that:

  • The iPhone is lost/stolen
  • There is an outstanding bill (not paid off)

Maybe you’re unsure about the blacklisted status of the IMEI of the iPhone. Then, use a service called the iPhone Blacklisted Check service.

Use the iPhone APAC Clean unlocking service when:

  • The iPhone has a clean IMEI (not lost/stolen)
  • All bills are paid off
  • The iPhone is locked to the APAC network

However, you will have to use the iPhone APAC Premium unlocking service if the IMEI returns as blocked or blacklisted.

The Cheapest APAC Unlocking Service

Would you like to compare multiple Direct Source Suppliers’ prices for either one of these services? Compare all of their prices right here and make an informed choice:

Choose the iPhone APAC Clean unlocking service or the iPhone APAC Premium unlocking service.

After ordering any one the services above, you may receive the reply: Not Found. In that case, you will have to use the iPhone APAC Not Found unlocking service.

StockUnlocks provides regularly updated price comparison data for various unlocking services to help you choose your preferred Dhru Fusion direct source supplier.

If you’re always on the lookout for the best, cheapest mobile unlocking services, regularly check out our main Suppliers price comparison page to see what’s new.

APAC In Summary

To unlock an iPhone using the APAC service:

  • Confirm that the iPhone Applied Policy or Next Tether Activation Policy is APAC Service.

If you’re not sure, please use the Apple Full GSX Carrier Check or the iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status to verify the iPhone network and IMEI status.

  • Confirm the iPhone IMEI clean or blocked/blacklisted status.

If it’s clean:

Use the iPhone APAC Clean unlocking service.

If it’s not clean:

Use the iPhone APAC Premium unlocking service.

If your Supplier reports the iPhone unlock as Not Found, then use the iPhone APAC Not Found unlocking service.

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