Use Your iPad to Send SMS Text Messages to non-iOS devices

Most iPad users already own a cell phone to make calls, send and receive messages, you know, the basics.

However, when you’re being cradled in your favorite chair or propped up in your bed tapping and swiping away on your iPad and you want to send that text message, it seems too much of a task to get up and locate that cell phone.

Of course, you can send those iMessages out to other iPad and iPhone owners from your iPad. But, what about sending text messages from your iPad to the non-iOS toting friends?

Many realize early on that the iPad does not have the “native” capability to send standard text messages to non-iOS devices or other cell phones, it’s not designed to do that.

However, downloading an app designed for that will allow you to directly text people using your iPad even if they don’t have an iPad. Here’s what you can do: Check the Apple app store for “textPlus Free Text +” a free app that will allow you to send those text message to whomever you want.

By the way, this app even works on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Read the reviews and its requirements here: textPlus Free Text + reviews and make that informed decision.

Happy texting!

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