Unlocking Web Sites: We HATE Them! Don’t you hate them too?

“But, wait, isn’t this what you guys do?”, you ask. Of course. However, that doesn’t change the fact that many unlocking websites out there are just confusing, misleading, or present a frustrating experience.

Just to let you know that, right from the top, this is not going to be a rant ending with a list of “good” and “bad” sites. No, this is just a rant about what we hate about some of the sites out there and how that motivates us to try harder to improve.

First Peeve: Where’s the price?

How many times have you gone to a mobile unlocking website and after 10 or more clicks later … finally, you see the price to unlock your device? How frustrating is that? Just let me know how much I’m going to pay and do it as soon as possible!

Granted, depending on the site design, it’s probably not an easy task to update and propagate prices for some sites out there – or maybe they just want to rack up page views?

We’ve done our best to design a system which allows us to update our prices and reflect them live, everywhere, within seconds.

Have you tried our latest addition: “Unlock My Phone” ? We’ve been wanting to implement this from the very beginning. It took some time to get it to where it is today.

If you check out StockUnlocks Twitter history, it was one of the first features we promised early on. Of course, we were late – but we eventually delivered! It even shows you the price before you click “Unlock It!” 🙂

Second Peeve: Your content is getting in my way!

Did you see that site where there’s so much content on one page, you either wonder, “Wow, they sure can pump out the content!” or “Who dropped the bag of golf balls on the keyboard, twice?” Really, just unlock my phone already, ok?

Don’t get us wrong, an ample amount of content is not a bad thing. Let’s just try to arrange our content in such a way so that those who came to unlock can get straight to business and the content seekers can click away until their heart’s content.

Sure, we still have some improvements to make. Hopefully, those “improvements” won’t get in your way as they appear.

If you reached this page, then we say, “Welcome, Content Seeker!” How about letting us know what you hate about unlocking websites (even ours!), or any other site for that matter. We’d be happy to hear from you via your comments below.

End of Rant,

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