The motivation to design and build your own mobile unlocking website.

I’ve always felt that my memory was in need of improvement. Any information related to enhancing it is interesting to me.

I owned a Palm Tungsten E2, loaded with SuperMemo, an application that “will help you forget about forgetting.” I loved my Palm Tungsten, I loved my SuperMemo. I broke my Palm Tungsten and “poof” went my SuperMemo.

Now, I had a decision to make: Would I get another Palm or obtain something that would allow me to combine both a phone with various applications? So, I got a BlackBerry 8800 series.

I assumed that I would find an application equivalent to SuperMemo for the BlackBerry. I was wrong. There were many apps for memory enhancement, but nothing came close to that previous union of the Palm and SuperMemo.

I put up with the mediocre apps on my BlackBerry for a while until I heard about the new SuperMemo for the iPhone. It was customizable with a rich interface AND it’s on the iPhone, running the mobile operating system destined to become the home of more apps than I could ever imagine!

I saved my dollars and purchased my first iPhone 3GS off of eBay in November 2010 for about $340USD. The very first app I downloaded was SuperMemo for iPhone. OK, maybe it was Angry Birds.

But, you know what it’s like: First time iPhone owner, hanging out all night in the App Store, lost in a downloading frenzy … that night is still just a big blur. All I know is that, when I woke up that morning, I was in love again.

However, the time arrived to travel outside of the United States. This trip would be an extensive one. My iPhone was locked to AT&T and I’d grown quite accustomed to having my apps and phone all in one place.

Unfortunately, according to AT&T, I would have to go back to carrying around two devices: one for my apps and another to make calls with. They were not going to unlock my iPhone for me, no matter what.

A copy of my US passport and validated visa didn’t even matter! You see where this is going, right?

My next post will reveal how I officially unlocked my AT&T iPhone 3GS via iTunes while outside of the United States. That will set the stage for me to outline how I went about building my own mobile unlocking website.

For those who aren’t too interested in the technical aspects of building a website, don’t worry, I’ll continue to focus on just telling you my story and what goes on here.

I’ll try not to get too technical. Either way, I’ll let you know everything that’s planned and currently happening via Twitter Feed.

Is this something that interests you? Let me know.

In the meantime, take care,

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