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Unlocking your Mobile Phone may soon be FREE

Unlocking Mobile Phones: Jumping Through Hoops

If you buy a mobile phone today or have bought one in the past, you already know that a locked device is preferred by many due to a lot of reasons.

A locked phone means that your phone will be bound to the carrier and no other sim can be used with your mobile device for a given period.

To unlock the mobile phone, network companies, and off-the-chart websites have devised numerous schemes. More often than not, companies charge a fee to go through with the procedure. In some cases, this service may be availed free of cost.

What Could it Cost to Unlock My Phone?

Out of the many handsets in the market today, carriers provide their unlocking services to iPhones within three days. For other phones, the waiting period may be longer. It is worrying to many users today that a simple unlocking process costs around $30.

Up to $50 million a year is spent on only unlocking mobile devices and freeing individuals from carriers. There is a possibility for network companies to unlock your device once the contract is up; however, the probability of unlocking phones without a charge is slight. There may be changes seen in the future.

All this being said, many older phones might get unlocked for free. Many websites offer an extensive range of free codes for you to try. Many tech-nerds might believe that they can unlock the phone on their own. This stands true, but not for the newer phones being sold.

Is it Worth Unlocking Your Mobile Device?

There is still no harm in trying your luck. Many people believe that locking a phone is an outdated practice and rightly so. Making international calls and receiving them can cost a lot. Placing a call via WiFi is always a better option; however, it may not always be suitable at the set time.

The suggestion of there being easily available unlocked phones has been in talks for quite some time now. The proposition is a pleasant one.

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