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The Unlock Cell Phone Online Status [WooCommerce Product]

Don’t panic! If you’re unlocking cell phones, there’s a quick way to take your WooCommerce product offline, without removing it from your website. The unlock cell phone online status setting is the solution.

Sometimes, your Dhru Fusion supplier disables cell phone unlock services. Despite that, you may want that service to still be viewable on your site. Why would you change the unlock cell phone online status? Keep reading.

WooCommerce Products with StockUnlocks is the Key

The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress uses the WooCommerce Product as the basis for all of its mobile or cell phone unlock services.

Install and activate the StockUnlocks plugin and it automatically creates the “Remote  Service” category.

wordpress dashboard woocommerce product categories remote service selectedAdd the “Remote Service” category to the WooCommerce Product. It can now connect with a remote unlock service offered by your Dhru Fusion direct source provider.

Also, importing unlock services from your provider will automatically add the “Remote Service” category to the imported services.

Your website can have many unlock services related to a number of different networks. Writing long and short descriptions for your services takes time. You may have optimized the text in your descriptions for search engines to better categorize and rank your content.

What happens when a particular unlock service is temporarily unavailable? Do you un-publish it, effectively removing it from your website? Suppose this unlock service ranked high, appearing on the first page of search results? This is where the “Online” status check box comes in.

Changing the Unlock Cell Phone Online Status

We have to dig a little deeper into the WooCommerce Product entry in order to find the “Online” status check box. You can find it by doing the following:

wordpress dashboard woocommerce all productsStep 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Products > All Products.

woocommerce products access to update unlock cell phone online statusStep 2: Click the “Edit” link on any product that has “Remote Service” as one of its Categories.

woocommerce product stockunlocks tabStep 3: Find the “Product data” section and click the “StockUnlocks” tab.

displaying the unlock cell phone online status checkboxStep 4: Scroll down further until you see the “Online” checkbox.

The default setting has a check mark in the box, enabling the WooCommerce Product to be ordered on the website. As mentioned earlier, maybe this unlock service it temporarily unavailable. You may still want the search engines to index this product while it appears on your website.

To continue to display the product on your website and at the same time disable it from being ordered, simply remove the check mark from the “Online” checkbox to change the unlock cell phone online status.

Click “Update” to save your changes. The unlock service will still appear on your website. However, customers will not be able to add it to the their carts nor submit IMEI or other information. This keeps the unlock service actively displayed for website visitors and the search engines.

It might be a good idea to update the product description with a brief explanation as to why orders cannot be accepted at the time.

Benefits of the Unlock Cell Phone Online Status

You may still receive inquiries regarding the status of the unlock service that is currently offline. However, that is less frustrating than having to cancel and refund orders for a service that is not available.

Increased communication may provide you with more opportunities to engage with your existing or future customers. You may be able to recommend an alternative unlock service for them or direct them to your social network feeds to receive updates.

Additionally, you can also provide links to alternate services directly in the unlock product description until the offline service becomes available again.

In Summary

Here are some important points to keep in mind when removing the Online status of a WooCommerce product (for cell phone unlocking):

  • The unlock service can still be viewed by your site visitors and search engines
  • You can still update the WooCommerce product description to provide additional information
  • You can direct site visitors to an alternative unlock service or provide links to your social network feeds to receive updates

Do you think that changing the unlock cell phone online status is useful? What else can we do to improve your experience when using the StockUnlocks plugin? We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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