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Travel Hack: Using Unlocked Phones

Even though COVID upended travels and a lot of things in the earlier half of the year, a lot of countries are now reopening their doors. Albeit a lot of limitations have to be in place. But travel is something that some people won’t be able to avoid despite the risk. Especially now that there are more ways to do things without making contact, being able to access the info that you need is key. One way we’ve been used to by now is the internet. So today we have a travel hack for you that uses unlocked phones.

We mentioned something about mobile unlocking and traveling. Where’s the connection you might ask?

Well, being able to travel and access the internet is something that is a must for most. Mostly if you’re alone and clueless about the area. Now that people are trying to reduce contact and think more about reducing the chances of getting sick, knowing your plan to access the internet abroad should be something you know beforehand.

What are my options?

To put it simply, you have several options you can either do beforehand or after landing. Generally, the more convenient option is to opt-in a roaming service your carrier offers you but that is just much more expensive than any of these options. But if you do choose a roaming service, be sure your carrier supports the service in the country you’re going for. But more often than not, your carrier would likely support it, hence the convenience and the price.

If roaming is out of the question, you’re left with some options for connecting via Wi-Fi. For most airports, pocket Wi-Fi is also a cheaper alternative. It’s usually a fraction of the price of roaming service. Even though carrying around an extra device to check occasionally for battery life is a bit of a hassle. More so now that you have to be more conscious of your surroundings. Sometimes even remembering to grab your hand sanitizer is something that’s easily forgotten. 

If for some reason that’s not your pick, you can always connect through a hotspot or public Wi-Fi. These would be the cheapest option yet. But don’t just connect randomly and start browsing. Something that’s this accessible and cheap has its downsides. Unless you’re connecting to a hotspot from a private network or someone you know, connecting to public networks puts you at risk for security breaches. It’s a general tip to not connect to any public network as anyone connected to the same network may be able to access your information. Just think of all the passwords, data, bank info, and secrets they can potentially see just by connecting to the same Wi-Fi. Unless of course, you have a subscription to a VPN, then this option is not that great.

Where Does Mobile Unlocking Come in?

Since we have all the options laid out, we might as well dive into this one. Unlike all the other options though, this requires your phone to be unlocked or not carrier-locked. And unlike these other options, it takes little time and you can do it at home. The best part about this travel hack is it has a lot of other benefits than just for traveling with unlocked phones. 

Once you’ve unlocked your phone though, it’s so easy to buy a SIM Card abroad to use for your social media or maps which would otherwise not be possible if your phone is carrier-locked. Since most Android phones and some iPhones support dual SIM functions, it’s so easy to slap on a second SIM or eSIM and start surfing right away. By doing so, you won’t be exposing yourself to the same security risks of a public Wi-Fi and the same hassle of carrying around an extra device like a pocket Wi-Fi. Not to mention it’s a ton cheaper than a roaming service.

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