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Supercharge Your Unlock Product With StockUnlocks

For those in the business of mobile phone repair or services, phone unlocking goes well with existing repair services. Since people will likely go to them for repairs or unlocking, you effectively. By now, we’ve seen what StockUnlocks can do and we’d be happy to see it supercharge your mobile unlock product.


StockUnlocks in essence is a mobile unlocking plugin for your WordPress website. Along with WooCommerce, it can integrate into your website and do most of the unlocking process for you and the end-user. So how does this plugin supercharge your unlocking service? Here are three reasons why:

Automatic updates

The thing with conventional unlocking services is you’ll have to manually communicate with your supplier to check if all information you have on them and the product is up to date. While this is still okay, manual communication can often lead to misunderstandings and human error which can easily be avoided with a good system. What StockUnlocks does is allows your services to be updated as your supplier updates their product prices using the API. As long as those products are linked to your website, it will effectively do the updates automatically. Taking the manual updates out of the way.

Reseller tool: Double your reach with each reseller

As service providers, we know that what we provide only goes as far as our client base. Growing and maintaining that client base is up to us. What’s great about this business is that networking can exponentially increase your reach. Since mobile unlocking shops do not exist independently, it goes well with mobile repair shops around your local areas. So how does this increase your client base? Well, for these shops, they will likely have their own customer base to work with. Even more so if they’re already established in the local community. Offering your service to that community would otherwise be nearly impossible. The best part of this is your reseller wouldn’t even need to do much other than some customization of text and getting a mark-up. The way we see it is it’s a win-win for everyone involved in the process.


Provider and reseller synchronization

One hard part when it comes to any business is the technical details. Dealing with those specifics as an outsider or a reseller is sometimes daunting. Especially when dealing with different suppliers that do different things, being able to keep up with them is key. What the StockUnlocks plugin can do is synchronize various product services. These could be Country/Network, Brand/Model combinations as well as product services that are custom designed by the provider. This effectively eliminates guesswork with any details that are different from provider to provider. 


Overall, we believe StockUnlocks is the future of mobile unlocking and we need you to prove that to the rest of those in the same business. Check out our plugin and we hope to hear from you for comments or feedback to hopefully supercharge your mobile unlock product with StockUnlocks.

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