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This a quick update regarding the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress. You can now download the plugin here.

I started putting it together in mid-December, 2016. Many early morning and late night coding sessions later, it was finished and submitted on February 7, 2017. After several small adjustments, based on the WordPress review process, the plugin was finally approved on February 11, 1017.

There is a section in the forum now dedicated to the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress and instructional videos are on the way.

For anyone needing assistance with just the installation of the WordPress plugin, select this. If you’re using Drupal, you can select here.

If you’d like to have a website, but don’t know anything about building and configuring a website, select this.

Many more details are to follow. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me here.

Many regards,



  1. I am a reseller looking for a way to unlock or clean imei phones, i’ve found that people are selling a lot of these and ripping people off. I am not looking for anything illegal just putting that out there. I have a website but not finished yet. I just want to know the cost for the product you developed ot start what you descriped above.

    • Hi James,
      The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress or module for Drupal is free. It will allow you to connect with multiple direct suppliers who will give you access to various unlocking or cleaning services. I’m not familiar with all the legalities involved with cleaning IMEIs. You will have to communicate directly with the suppliers to obtain more details.

      Check out the instructional videos on the YouTube channel for additional details on how to configure and use the StockUnlocks plugin or module.

      All the best


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