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The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress is Available

Download the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress.

There is a section in the forum now dedicated to the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress. You can also view the YouTube videos.

For anyone needing assistance with the installation of the WordPress plugin, click here. Unfortunately, we no longer support the Drupal module ;-(

If you’d like to have a website, but don’t know anything about building and configuring a website, there are a variety of videos on YouTube for you to choose from.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us here.

Many regards,

Your StockUnlocks Development Team

8 thoughts on “The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress is Available”

  1. I am a reseller looking for a way to unlock or clean imei phones, i’ve found that people are selling a lot of these and ripping people off. I am not looking for anything illegal just putting that out there. I have a website but not finished yet. I just want to know the cost for the product you developed ot start what you descriped above.

    1. Hi James,
      The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress or module for Drupal is free. It will allow you to connect with multiple direct suppliers who will give you access to various unlocking or cleaning services. I’m not familiar with all the legalities involved with cleaning IMEIs. You will have to communicate directly with the suppliers to obtain more details.

      Check out the instructional videos on the YouTube channel for additional details on how to configure and use the StockUnlocks plugin or module.

      All the best

  2. Do you have examples of what the front end of the website looks like with wordpress? I wanna see what my customers will see.

    1. The StockUnlocks plugin is exactly that: a plugin. It is not a theme, so it does not alter the look and feel of your website from the customer’s perspective.

      It would be nice, but experienced users of the StockUnlocks plugin do not contact us, sending us links to suggested themes that they enjoy using.

      They will either use a free theme or purchase a premium theme based on their needs.

      A WordPress plugin is something that adds new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your site. Key word: functionality. That is exactly what the StockUnlocks plugin does.

      In general, you use a WordPress theme to change how your site looks and a plugin to add or change functionality on your site.

      If you’d like to see the functionality that the StockUnlocks plugin adds to your website, here is a link to some videos.

      If you’re interested in seeing what your website can look like, simply search the multitude of store/product related themes that are available and make your selection based on your preferences.

      You can begin your search for themes using websites that offer various themes, like:


      Elegant Themes

      Some may use a theme like the “Shopkeeper” theme.

      Or, they may hire someone to design a custom theme or modify an existing theme. It’s all a question of personal choice and the abilities of the website owner.

  3. Can you please make me one thing clear that what is the difference in role of WordPress and Drupal? Where we need to use one and other one?

    1. WordPress and Drupal are both Content Managing Systems (CMS).

      WordPress is just more widely used compared to Drupal. This doesn’t mean that Drupal shouldn’t be considered, it’s quite robust. Your decision depends upon your needs and/or abilities. There are hundreds of comparison articles regarding WordPress vs Drupal. I won’t get into that here.

      Drupal may require more coding knowledge than WordPress. Drupal has “modules” that enhance its functionality while WordPress uses “plugins”. However, the more plugins you add to WordPress may affect the speed of the website.

      I developed a StockUnlocks module for Drupal several years ago, unfortunately I no longer support it due to the lack of interest in the community. I now focus on the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress simply because it’s more widely used.

    1. Hi,

      If you’re interested in creating a website, there are many free tutorials available on YouTube to get you started. First, decide which Content Management System (CMS) you would like to use. You can choose from:

      • WordPress
      • Drupal
      • Joomla
      • etc.

      Important Note: The StockUnlocks plugin only works with WordPress, of course.

      Search for: “how to make [build, create] a website with …” to get started. Once you’ve found the tutorial with the teaching style that you prefer, take your time to really understand the process.

      Enjoy and all the best!

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