As a Business: How to Stay Organized When Building Your Unlock Website

There are a million other ways for you to go about this. I’m just going to tell you what I did to stay somewhat organized while I put this mobile phone unlock website together as a business.

Note: All links open in a new tab or window. If you still need some extra help, here’s a website assistance service I provide.

I retained the services offered by the following companies based on my personal experience with them, not by monetary incentives or discounts as a result of referring business to them.

This post will give an overview of what I had in place, on hand, and in my pocket in order to be ready to build and manage my own mobile phone unlocking website. The order is not really important, because we’re going to focus on the technical aspects of configuring a website using WordPress or Drupal to unlock mobile phones. Here it goes:

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Create, Name, and Register Your Company

I decided to go with, what’s called in the USA, an LLC. The final decision regarding the category of your company depends upon your research.

Choose and Register Your Domain Name

There are various thoughts about domain names and search engine optimization (SEO). I didn’t think so much about search engine results when I came up with StockUnlocks. I did, however, want to go with a single domain management company if I needed to switch my website hosting company.

I chose Hover as it was the best no nonsense, most straightforward, and uncluttered. Also, my domain ownership (Whois) details are private at no extra cost.

Get a Business Checking Account

Not just any checking account, but a business checking account. Check out this random site about the pros and cons of having a business checking account.

Link Your Bank Account with PayPal

We’ll initially be using PayPal to process orders simply because the majority of the unlocking direct sources use it.

Create a Mint Account

Mint works for me. I was able to link all of my accounts together and it made for easy tax preparation and submission at the end of the year. All payments, refunds, and credit card transactions were all in one place.

Download and Install Evernote

Once you have a basic WordPress or Drupal 7.x installation in place, I suggest having a local installation of Evernote (or a similar syncing document management application) on your local development machine as well as on your Smartphone.

An app like this will allow you to jot down ideas as they come, have an active “to do” list, as well as collect website links containing tips, guidelines, etc. This is an excellent repository when you’re away from “the shop” and readily available when you get back to work.

Download and Install Dropbox

For syncing important documents not found in Evernote, like spreadsheets, or scanned documents, for example.

Dropbox came in handy when I was at the bank applying for my business checking account. I was able to use my Smartphone to pull up certain legal documents and retrieve necessary registration numbers right on the spot.

Download and Install an FTP Browser

There are many choices out there. I use Cyberduck. Here is the Windows version.

Download and Install a General Purpose Text Editor

I use Komodo Edit and TextWrangler. Here are some Windows Alternatives.

Setup the Website Environment

Install WordPress or Drupal 7.x (or search “installing Drupal 7” and have fun!). Just FYI, I’m using MySQL with my installation.

Choose a Website Hosting Company

There are many cheap, shared hosting solutions out there. I tried a couple of them and almost messed up big time when it came time to finally launch my site. Eventually, you’re going to need a Static, or fixed, IP address for your website.

Why? Because we’re developing a website that makes use of an application programming interface (API) that requires your site to have a Static IP address. The API will communicate with the unlocking provider’s website.

Orders taken on your website will be automatically submitted, checked, and updated as a result of your website having a Static IP address.

Yes, the Static IP address costs more. But, here’s a suggestion: If you need or just want to go the cheaper way initially, try InMotion Hosting’s Cheap Hosting (Affiliate Link). That’s what I did at first. I got everything working “on the web” and actually was taking orders and handing out unlocking codes in that environment.

As traffic increased and the time came to transfer my site to a virtual private server (VPS), it was truly a seamless transition. No kidding, my live site was down for no more than 2 hours before it was up and running again, more responsive with room to grow.

Now that my website is hosted in InMotion Hosting’s VPS environment, I can further upgrade it with no down time whatsoever. Nice. Plus, InMotion Hosting knows a thing or two about WordPress and  Drupal hosting and development.

There are basically two types of websites I’m going to be explaining when it comes to unlocking mobile phones:

  1. The website that the “direct unlocking sources” use. You can purchase this complete, direct source website package for almost $700USD. It does EVERYTHING – and it should! This website may also be used as a third party unlocking website as well.
    • Many unlock websites “grow” into being direct sources in time, as sales volume increases.
  2. The other website is the free kind, like StockUnlocks, the one that will connect with the direct source website.

Just to set your expectations, this free mobile phone unlocking website can’t nearly do as much as the paid version. However, you may be able to make enough money to be able to purchase the “real deal” in time.

What do you do once you have your Drupal installation up and running? How do you start to shape that basic website into a mobile phone unlocking machine?

We’re about to start down that road which will, hopefully, help you to reach the goal of running your own mobile phone unlocking business.

See you soon,

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  1. You have mentioned the price for direct source website which is $700 what about free kind website??
    Kindly help me to build my own Unlocking website.

    1. The “free kind” of website would be using WordPress along with the StockUnlocks Plugin. You will still need to purchase website hosting and probably hire a website developer or designer, if that’s something you aren’t able to do. There are many tutorials out there to help you do everything on your own, if you have the time, patience and interest.

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