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How to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider

Failed connection to the remote server! The remote server does not recognize your IP address. Therefore, you need to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider.

You come to this conclusion because you can no longer connect to StockUnlocks provides this server so that you can test your WordPress site with the StockUnlocks plugin.

Once properly configured, you will be able to deliver cell phone unlock codes.

Why Reset Your IP address with Your Dhru Fusion API Provider

The following error keeps popping up every time you attempt to import unlock services from the remote Dhru Fusion server:

Could not import remote services. Failed connection to the remote server or no assigned services available.

This error message can occur with any Dhru Fusion provider, not just the StockUnlocks testing server.

Basically, it can happen if you’ve recently moved your WordPress site to a different host. Or, maybe your current web hosting provider changed your IP address.

Connect Your IP address with Your Dhru Fusion API Provider

What can you do to reconnect with the remote Dhru Fusion server?

In fact, you know that your website’s IP address changed. Here’s what you can do to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider:

Step 1: Log into your Dhru Fusion reseller’s account

If you’re testing with the StockUnlocks reseller’s account, you may log in here:

dhru fusion login my account menuStep 2: Click “My Account > API Access”

click button to reset your ip address with your dhru fusion api providerStep 3: Click “Reset IP” to clear the current IP address

dhru fusion api ip access field is blankYou will notice that the IP address field will now be blank. The IP address field will be automatically filled in the next time you connect to from your WordPress website.

Note: Some Dhru Fusion API unlock providers have not granted their user accounts with the ability to directly reset their IP address.

You will have to contact your provider directly and request an IP address reset.

The Importance of a Static IP Address

Your website should have a static IP address to function properly with the StockUnlocks plugin. True, StockUnlocks works with a websites hosted on a local computer. However, permanent installation on a local computer is not recommended.

Therefore, you may need to test your WordPress website in a locally hosted environment before making changes to your live hosted site.

Since you will be connecting to the internet via your local internet provider, your IP address will be changing from time to time.

With this in mind, you need to know how to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider settings.

If you are planning to upgrade to StockUnlock Pro, please be aware that StockUnlocks Pro will only work with an internet hosted website and a single, static IP address.

The StockUnlocks Pro License Key locks to the first IP address it used with. 

So, if you upgrade to StockUnlocks Pro and decide to run your tests on a local computer, your key will be locked to an arbitrary IP address originating from your internet provider.

Eventually, that local IP address will change and your StockUnlocks Pro license key will no longer work. Strong suggestion: do not test the StockUnlocks Pro with a local installation of WordPress.

How to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider

Resetting the Dhru Fusion user account’s API IP address is not related to the StockUnlocks Pro license key.

If you are using StockUnlocks Pro and your website has been relocated or your hosting provider changes your website’s IP Address, please contact us to let us know. Avoid re-connection delays.

If you absolutely have to test your website in a local hosting environment, please disable the StockUnlocks Pro access by:

wordpress dashboard access stockunlocks plugin optionsStep 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on StockUnlocks > Plugin Options

stockunlocks pro license cleared email and key fieldsStep 2: Clear all values contained in the “License e-mail address” field

Step 3: Clear all values contained in the “License key” field

Step 4: Click “Save Changes”

stockunlocks basic license email key fields filled inClearing these field values ensures that you will be using the StockUnlocks Basic plugin when working from a local hosting environment.

Tip: You will want to be able to send e-mail messages while testing in your local hosting environment. Check out the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() and creates an options page to manage the settings. This allows you to send e-mail from your local hosting environment. That’s nice 😉

That’s it! Let us know if you find this tutorial helpful or if we need to update it based on your experience.


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