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Quick Guide: Marketing Your Phone Repair Business

Marketing your phone repair business is pretty much the same for any other business. There will just be small differences in what works depending on a number of things. This quick guide is for those wanting to up their marketing efforts. Although some things might differ for you and it might work better for others, you can still use this guide to align your business if you don’t have a formal marketing plan. 

Marketing agencies are all well and good. But for phone repair businesses, more often than not they are smaller in scale to actually hire a helping hand for marketing. What’s good about it is they get hands-on experience in marketing their business themselves. For some it might work better for them but here are some things you can do for your business.

Word of Mouth

Of course, not all marketing efforts have to be fancy and techy. Especially in dealing with a business much like mobile phone repairs and unlocking. Since these businesses work with more or less their local communities, your approach should be somewhat different. We’d love to push out fancy ads as much as the next guy, but sometimes good old fashioned good service could get you a long way with smaller communities. Just keep in mind that a smile here and maybe a freebie every now and then could get you that good impression and appeal you need to connect with the community in your area.

Always Be Top-of-Mind

A great way to be the top-of-mind in any community is to have a constant reminder of your business. A poster in other local shops might be a great idea to keep your presence up there. Occasional ads might be great too. If social media isn’t your thing, then it’s time you got some pages running for your local community. The thing is, people might not need your services every day, but you need to make sure you’re the one they come to when they do.

Local Ads

What’s great about promoting to a local community is you won’t need a big budget for ads. Although you might need to see what works best for you and your business, once you do, it’ll work wonders for you. For smaller communities, targeting the locals through online ads based on locations on Facebook or Google is a great choice. Seeing that most people these days scroll through their phone at least once, you’re bound to reach someone. But if you find conventional print ads more to their liking, then go for it.

Online Presence

Like we mentioned earlier, getting your business on social media or online ads is one of the best ways to put your business out there. Other than that, being present online gives you other opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. Even though mobile repair and unlocking might be found in your local Walmart or mall, Google is always a broken phone owner’s best friend. Getting your business and detailed services listed on a Facebook page or a website will make it clear and easier for someone nearby to look you up. Normally, social media and a website isn’t the only way to get yourself out there. It would be best to put your profile up in an online directory much like Yelp to get your business reviews from locals and give you additional reach potential. These pages would make it so that potential customers looking for first-hand experiences from others much easier.

At the end of it all, one might work better than the others or a combination of them all. Just remember to keep your customers in mind and what reaches them best. Don’t be afraid to reach beyond your local community with online services. Mobile unlocking is one of those services and we’d love to help you out with a free download if you want it.

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