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StockUnlocks Drupal Module Configuration


StockUnlocks Drupal Module Configuration Assistance. See details below. If you’re looking for assistance with WordPress click here.

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StockUnlocks Drupal Module Configuration Assistance

We will assist you in configuring the StockUnlocks Drupal module within your website. You will need to already have your website in a hosting environment. We suggest Inmotionhosting (affiliate link).

Please ensure that the following pre-requisites are met regarding your website environment before ordering:

  • An active reseller account with a Supplier using a Dhru Fusion enabled server. This will be for testing your environment. You may sign up with reseller.stockunlocks.com to test your installation
  • Drupal 7 already installed and working in a remotely hosted environment (local installations are unacceptable)
  • Your Drupal installation must be initially dedicated to mobile unlocking and not be configured for anything else (once working, you can do whatever you want)
  • A static (fixed) IP address is a must
  • We will need temporary administrator access to your Drupal website (please modify access in a way that can be changed later for your security)

Once configured, you will be able to connect with one or more of the many unlocking service providers that use the Dhru Fusion GSM API enabled client.

This service/product will be considered delivered, rendered and complete once you are able to submit a single test and receive a reply from Your designated Supplier.

Any additional assistance or services are negotiable upon request.


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