iPhone 7 the ultimate carrier unlock guide

iPhone 7: the ultimate carrier unlock guide

The ultimate guide to unlocking Apple’s iPhone 7, without being locked to a carrier

Apple users customarily buy the iPhone every year. If not purchased already, the latest iPhone 7 is on everyone’s wish list! AT&T (among many other networks) is no doubt a restrictive carrier for the beast. Traveling to other countries might not be feasible with a locked iPhone 7.

In general, unlocked iPhones are compatible with other SIM cards and have a higher resale value. For iPhones that have not yet been financially cleared, a procedure will have to be followed to complete the unlocking process. To unlock iPhones that have been paid off completely, the job is relatively easy.

Make sure that the newest version of iTunes and iOS is installed on your iPhone, this is essential. The iPhone must be active on AT&T (or any other network you may be using).

The Apple iPhone 7 step by step guide is as follows:

  1. Submit the IMEI is to the third party website, place your order.
  2. Place the carrier SIM card in the device to which the iPhone is locked.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the USB cable via the dock connector. (The iPhone should be backed up via iTunes, by now).
  4. After successfuly processing your order, the message: “Code: Unlocked, Done, or Ok” will be sent to the email you entered when the order was placed. The old SIM card should be taken out and a new carrier SIM card should be placed in the iPhone (the new SIM card may or may not be active).
  5. Connect the iPhone to iTunes from the dock connector to USB cable.  iTunes will detect the iPhone.
  6. After detection, the iPhone should be disconnected and reconnected after 15 seconds.
  7. The good news is that your iPhone has now been unlocked, successfully. A confirmation message will show up on your screen after a restore. “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.”

Feel free to check out our archived version of the Apple iPhone AT&T unlocking instructions.

AT&T Carrier Unlock Procedure Summary

Yes, it is that simple! The iPhone can now be used with any SIM card and compatible GSM carrier. Numerous other methods have been in use for unlocking procedures. Out of these, hardware and software unlocking is the most dangerous method.

IMEI unlocking is the most reliable and safe method for unlocking your iPhone 7. This process changes your iPhone lock/unlock status in the Apple database itself. Once unlocked, check out this article about choosing a new carrier traveling with your newly unlocked Apple iPhone.

*Note: the step by step guide is not affiliated with AT&T’s official website.

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