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View Order Details of a WooCommerce Product [Mobile Unlock Service]

Of course, you want to help your customers. But, sometimes you want them to help themselves. Why not help them to view the order details of a WooCommerce product?

Some customers would like to view the current status of their mobile or cell phone unlocking order directly on your website.

WordPress, along with WooCommerce, makes it possible to view the order status details when using the StockUnlock plugin.

Once configured, the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress will automatically send email messages to the customer and the WordPress website administrator.

So, these messages will provide some of the following order details:

  • Submitted
  • Available
  • Rejected

Losing and overlooking emails is normal. Therefore, the StockUnlocks plugin allows a customer to login to your website and view the order details of a WooCommerce product.

View the Order Details of a WooCommerce Product

The initial email contains a brief message and a link which will allow the customer to log in and view their order details. The message will contain something that looks like this:

Browse to the following page to login to your account and view your order details:


Once logged in, the customer will need to follow these steps to view the order details for a specific unlock service:

Step 1: Click “My account” to display the sub-menu items

Step 2: Click “Orders” to display all past and current orders

The unlock service order can have one of the following possible status categories:

  • Processing

Your website received the customer’s payment. StockUnlocks is ready to submit the unlock service order.

  • Code ordered

Your Dhru Fusion provider received the unlock service order. The delivery of the unlock code is “pending”.

  • Processing error

The unlock order failed to process for one or more reasons. As a result, details are also provided in an email message.

  • Code delivered

The mobile device or cell phone can be unlocked. In this case, instructions with an unlock code is delivered to the customer’s email address.

  • Code unavailable

The mobile device or cell phone was not be unlocked. There can be one or many reasons for this as explained in the email message that is sent to the customer.

  • Codes partially delivered

This means that multiple unlock services where ordered at the same time and only a portion of them were successfully unlocked. This could also mean that the remaining unlock service(s) that were ordered are still pending, waiting for a reply.

Display more details by clicking the “view” icon in the “Actions” column. Afterwards, scroll down to view the “Code Details” section to see messages originating from the Dhru Fusion provider’s server.

Instructions for Resetting Email Notifications

When installed, the StockUnlocks plugin fills in default values. However, your customers can receive customized email notifications.

Suppose you want to reset a specific Email Notification to its default values? For example, you may have inadvertently removed important variables from the Order Submitted Message.

You don’t want to manually re-format the notification from scratch. There is a better way to restore the original text in the message. It would be as if you have installed the StockUnlocks plugin for the first time.

Specifically, you would do this by first accessing the Email Notification templates in the StockUnlocks plugin.

Access the Email Notification templates

modifying the order details of a woocommerce productStep 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on StockUnlocks > Plugin Options

Step 2: Scroll down to the Email Notification template. Locate the one that interests you.

wordpress dashboard stockunlocks email message templatesHere are the choices for the unlock “Order” messages:

  • … Submitted
  • … Available
  • … Rejected
  • … Submit Error
  • Check Order Error

To reset any email message to its default values:

Step 1: Select all of the text in the message box and clear it.

Step 2: Click on any one of the ‘Save Changes:’ buttons

When the page reappears, you will see the email message text restored to its default content. It will contain the original values as when the StockUnlocks plugin was first installed.

In Summary

Customers need to be able to easily view the order details of a WooCommerce product. For that reason, the StockUnlocks plugin integrates well with WooCommerce as it displays:

  • Current order status
  • Unlock codes
  • Error codes

Be sure to remind your customers to log in to your site to view this feature!

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