An Open Letter to AT&T Wireless Division: iPhone Unlocking Proposal

Dear AT&T Wireless:

This letter is to propose a possible solution to carrier unlocking the off-contract AT&T iPhone. Specifically, unlocking the previously owned iPhone for individuals not qualifying to submit a Customer Device Unlock Request.

The off-contract iPhone is often sold or given to a non-AT&T customer. There exists a real need to carrier unlock the iPhone in the case of international travel, for example. This leaves the non-AT&T customer in a predicament.

The proposed solution: Allow those holding active AT&T Developer Accounts with verified Merchant Details to be charged to process these iPhone unlocks. The fee would be set by AT&T Wireless, of course.

What follows are just a few possible benefits of using the registered AT&T Developer/Merchant Account.

The account holder already has the following on file with AT&T:

  • An IRS Form W-9 & DUNS Number, identifying a legally established business
  • A verified bank account number with routing information
  • A valid credit card to which purchases are already charged (e.g. annual fees)

How to handle the processing of the iPhone unlock requests? One suggestion would be to use the same “Device Unlock Portal” as all qualifying AT&T customers do. However, in the case of the AT&T Developer/Merchant Account, a fee could be charged to the credit card for each successful unlock.

The available “Customer Type” in the “Device Unlock Portal” are “Current“, “Previous“, and “GoPhone“. The AT&T Developer/Merchant could either enter their credentials under “Current” or have a “Merchant” customer type created for them.

The above proposal would create an additional revenue stream for AT&T Wireless as well as provide a desperately needed, legitimate service.

Please give consideration to this proposal or, at least, use it to fuel discussions that could prove to be beneficial for all involved.

D. Henry

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