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What does MEP Required Mean for Unlock Products? [StockUnlocks Pro]

Is MEP required? WooCommerce Products take advantage of this setting as an unlock service. You want to understand this. Especially now, since you’ve upgraded to the StockUnlocks Pro plugin for WordPress. 

The MEP Required Number Explained

MEP stands for Mobile Equipment Personalization. MEP is an identification number unique to Blackberry devices. So, this identification number is specific to the carrier providing the Blackberry smartphone.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, etc, all have MEP numbers that would identify the Blackberry device with their particular network.

Blackberry owners need to locate the MEP number in order to unlock the device. This number can displayed on the screen of the Blackberry handset.

After order submission, they receive an unlock code allowing them to use their device on another carrier’s network.

Identify the Unlock Service Requiring an MEP number

After importing unlock services from your Dhru Fusion source provider, you will need to examine the WooCommerce Product to verify if it requires your customer to supply an MEP number when submitting an order on your website.

To configure the WooCommerce Product with the MEP required setting, follow these steps:

wordpress dashboard woocommerce all products1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard and Click on Products > All Products

wordpress dashboard displaying woocommerce products all blackberry2. Edit any product that has “Blackberry” in the Name and “Remote Service” as one of its Categories

woocommerce product data tab stockunlocks is mep required drop-down3. Scroll down to the “Product data” section and click the “StockUnlocks” tab

4. Find the “Is mep” required drop-down list selection

You will see “Requires Pro Access” if using StockUnlocks Basic.

Upgrade to StockUnlocks Pro. Afterwards, you should be able to choose “No” or “Required”.

When imported, certain Dhru Fusion services are automatically set to “Required”. You should not change this setting yourself. Make the change only if you know that MEP is required for this unlock service.

Create Your Own MEP Required Numbers?

All MEP identification numbers come from handset manufacturers. The network carrier of the handset issues them. The Dhru Fusion supplier maintains a list of all MEP id numbers and links them to their unlock services.

Therefore, you cannot directly create your own MEP numbers.

The StockUnlocks plugin uses the unique API id for an unlock service to extract all of the MEP id numbers related to that service from your Dhru Fusion supplier.

The StockUnlocks plugin stores all of the extracted MEP id numbers on your website. The numbers appear in the MEP required drop-down list.

The customer must choose one when placing an unlock order. Otherwise, it will return the error: “Please choose an MEP.”

Combining the MEP id along with the IMEI number of the Blackberry smartphone, your Dhru Fusion supplier will be able to obtain and deliver the correct unlock code for the device.

Work from Home Unlocking Cell Phones

How would you like to have your own home business? In summary, here is what you need:

  • A hosted website (WordPress or Drupal)
  • The StockUnlocks plugin
  • Assistance to put it all together

We can help you get started working from home, running your own mobile and cell phone unlock business. Take a look at some of our resources, including our videos. Contact us for more information or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

In Conclusion

Are you still unlocking Blackberry devices? So, what do you think? Should we keep the MEP required setting?

StockUnlocks does not currently offer unlock services. Therefore, you know more regarding the frequently used unlock services .

When it comes to unlocking devices, we rely on your input and suggestions to stay in step with the needs of the mobile and cell phone unlocking community.

Always feel free to let us know if we’re missing something or if we need to be focusing our time and effort in another area. We always welcome your suggestions!

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