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MEP Code Name Setting [Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server]

You still have plenty of cell phone unlock code resellers who need to unlock Blackberry devices using the MEP code name from the setting on your Dhru Fusion GSM server.

Your own server contains the Blackberry MEP unlock services. Therefore, your resellers automatically see them when they connect to your server using the Dhru Fusion API.

Setting up the required Blackberry MEP code name involves:

  • Identifying the target unlock service API id
  • Adding the Blackberry MEP code names
  • Linking the Blackberry MEP code name to the unlock service

Identify the Unlock Service API ID

If your unlock code resellers are going to submit Blackberry MEP code orders to you, they have to sync their unlock products with your Dhru Fusion server.

When setting up your server to deliver unlock codes using the Blackberry MEP code names, you have to link the MEP using the unlock service API id

Log into your Dhru Fusion GSM server and follow these steps to find a specific unlock service API id:

dhru fusion settings products/services imei serviceStep 1: Click on Products/Services > IMEI Service

Step 2: Identify the title of the desired unlock service by its title under the Service Name column

dhru fusion imei service api id columnStep 3: Note the number next to the Service Name under the ID column.

This is the API ID that will be used when creating the required Blackberry MEP code name entries.

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 above until you have identified all of the unlock services that will require the Blackberry MEP code name.

Add the Blackberry MEP Code Name Entries

Follow these steps to create the specific Blackberry MEP code names. These will be used when ordering a specific unlock service:

dhru fusion gsm settings mep select

Step 1: Click on Settings > MEP

dhru fusion gsm add mep name to listStep 2: Select the API in the drop-down list

Step 3: Enter the MEP code name in the MEP field

Step 4: Enter the API id number of the unlock service in the API ID field

If you don’t know the API id for a specific unlock service, then follow the instructions above: Identify the Unlock Service API ID

Step 5: Click the +Add button to add the MEP name to your Dhru Fusion server

dhru fusion gsm mep list savedRepeat Steps 1 to 5 above to create additional Blackberry MEP code name entries.

Add the MEP Code Name Requirement to a Single Unlock Service

After you’ve added the appropriate MEP code names, follow these steps to configure an unlock service to require the MEP selection:

Step 1: Click on Products/Services > IMEI Service

dhru fusion products/services imei service

Step 2: Click the Add New Services tab at the top of the page

dhru fusion add new imei service mep

Fill in all of the appropriate details regarding this unlocking service and click Add to save it. Afterwards, the unlock service will reappear, now with additional options.

dhru fusion add new imei service mep savedStep 3: Click on the Field tab at the top of the page

mep code name imei service assign


Step 5: Click on Assign MEP

The Assign MEP page will pop up. If there aren’t any selections to choose from, then follow the instructions above: Add the Blackberry MEP Code Name Entries

dhru fusion imei service assign mep code name

Step 6: Select the MEP Name(s) that are required for this unlock service and click the Save button.

dhru fusion imei service assign mep close

Step 7: Click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner to close the Assign MEP window

Step 8: Click Save on the IMEI Service page to lock in your changes

In Summary

To configure your Dhru Fusion GSM cell phone unlock server to offer unlock services that require the Blackberry MEP code name, you need to:

  • Find the API id of a specific unlock service
  • Add the Blackberry MEP code name entries
  • Link the Blackberry MEP code name to a single or multiple unlock services

If your unlock code resellers are using WordPress, WooCommerce along with the StockUnlocks plugin, their remote unlocking products will look like this:

woocommerce mep code name website selection

A single drop-down list appears. So, your reseller’s customers can now select the MEP Name. The MEP Name choices appearing here are the result of you configuring your Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server when you linked the appropriate unlock service.

If they don’t have one already, encourage your resellers to build their own cell phone unlock website. We have online tutorials to help them do it all themselves.

When your resellers use WordPress, WooCommerce and the free StockUnlocks plugin, your unlock code sales will increase.

The StockUnlocks plugin automates many of the time consuming tasks facing your resellers as they manage their mobile or cell phone unlock business.

If your resellers are using the free StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress, they’re already in a position to increase the number of unlock orders being placed with you via your Dhru Fusion GSM server.

So, let your resellers know that they can build their own mobile or cell phone unlock website and connect directly with you.

Using the Dhru Fusion API, the StockUnlocks plugin will turn your reseller’s website into a fully automated cell phone unlocking machine, to the benefit of all.

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