Factory Unlocking Blog: Congress – Illegal to Unlock iPhone

UPDATE: December 12, 2013 Wireless carriers, FCC agree on ‘unlocking’ cellphones – Reuters

Some of you may have heard that as of January 26, 2013 due to a recent ruling by the Librarian of Congress, Smartphones purchased in the United States after said date cannot be legally unlocked without permission from the carrier.

This new ruling only applies to new locked phones purchased after Saturday, January 26, 2013. Please NOTE: It will still be 100% legal to unlock phones purchased before January 26, 2013 without permission.

Again, as of January 26, 2013, it will be illegal to unlock devices that are manufactured from this date onwards for USA phones. However, phones made BEFORE this date are still 100% legal to unlock.

This law can be completely ignored by clients outside of the USA. This is part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) ruling. More info can be read in the PDF found here.

Read the full story on CNN.

What does this mean for our customers here at StockUnlocks.com? Simply put: Until there is a change in this law, we will abide by it.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the results of the Petition to make unlocking 2013 cell phones legal.

Here is an excerpt from our updated Terms of Use due to this new ruling:

If you are in the United States of America and own a cell phone that was manufactured before January 26, 2013, you may legally unlock it in accordance with the exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

However, cell phone unlocking will now be illegal in the United States of America for any USA service provider cell phone that is manufactured starting January 26th, 2013, unless you have permission from the service provider your phone is locked to.

StockUnlocks.com will not provide any advice, service, or support for any USA service provider cell phone or smart phone manufactured on January 26, 2013 and later.

StockUnlocks.com will not be held liable or responsible if you place an order for an unlock code for any USA service provider cell phone that was manufactured on January 26, 2013 and later.

If you make a purchase on StockUnlocks.com or any affiliated website you accept full responsibility for complying with all local, national, and international laws.

“StockUnlocks.com will not knowingly give any advice nor provide any service to anyone who wishes to unlock a phone that was purchased from a USA service provider manufactured on January 26, 2013 and later in The United States of America.”

We take this moment to thank you for your business. We will continue to keep you up to date, either here via our web site or through our StockUnlocks.com twitter feed.

All the best,

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