Why couldn’t we unlock that iPhone?

I don’t know why. Maybe we did unlock it eventually, but he may never know that we did.

Yeah, we received that dreaded email: “I got the UNLOCKED email message from you guys, but it ain’t working!!”

That’s what usually kicks off the great email exchange. The step-by-step review of the unlocking procedures, the screen shots of the device, the swapping of the SIM cards, the erasing/restoring and still … nothing.

Where’s the Refund?

The customer knows the policy: We technically can’t refund the purchase, according to the StockUnlocks.com refund policy, if the server successfully returns the UNLOCKED message or unlocking code. The remote unlocking server says, “It’s unlocked, over and out”.

StockUnlocks.com was charged a fee, the customer’s been charged and now we’re trying to figure out what the heck happened!

When you come to this site to unlock your device, we want you to leave here, well, with an unlocked device of course. We also want you to have the confidence that we’re not here just to try to take your money and be done with you.

Why Can’t You do Your Job?

No kidding, it truly troubles me when I hear that an unlock didn’t work even though the customer has been notified otherwise. For many situations, the problem lies with the new network provider that was chosen or even a problem with the cell phone or mobile device itself.

And, yes, the unlocking server can get a little ahead of itself sometimes.

We’ve unlocked our share of devices. We have an excellent success rate with regularly returning individuals, retailers, and shops of whom we never hear a peep from. But, once in a while …

The Fail

Recently, we had a real disappointment, as mentioned above. It wasn’t the first and it sure won’t be the last. We tried everything to assist the gentleman, let’s call him “Mike”, but nothing worked.

Usually, somewhere in the middle of the confusion, we “verify” the unlock. That means that the Direct Server Source Administrators will manually resubmit the IMEI for processing. Sometimes we’re notified of the results of the verification, sometimes we aren’t.

Now, why would Mike do that?

While we’re waiting to hear back from Mike, he decides to purchase an unlock for the same IMEI with a different, competing website. Guess what? He writes us back, “Hey, I bought the unlock from another site and everything works fine now.” [StockUnlocks.com]: sighs ~

It’s not Mike’s fault. He paid us for express service and it just took too long. Hindsight says that maybe we could have advised him better. You know, tell him that we clicked the “verify” button and the unlock will soon be done … again.

A happy ending, sort of

In the end, Mike’s cell phone was unlocked. Mike is happy. We are, well, happy that Mike is happy. Maybe we did unlock it, but happy Mike may never know that.

StockUnlocks.com: “So nice, sometimes we do it twice.”


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