iPhone unlocking: In the beginning there were no blogs not here anyway

There’s something that I’ve been wanting to say about this blog for some time now. First, I figured that I would take a break from the coding, come up for some air and let you know that I’m still excited about this StockUnlocks unlocking website project and still working on that customized mobile unlocking Drupal module for your website.

Still making great progress, although I may have been off by about a week and a half on my delivery time-frame. I’ve already tested it: having configured, flawlessly connected, and effortlessly switched between 5 different providers. The only thing left now is “Drupalizing” the existing SQL look-ups for efficiency.

This Blog was not Planned Well

But, right now, I’ll take a minute and let you know how this blog has transformed to become what it is today.

At first, I thought grabbing some news or tips here and there and posting them would be enough to fill that content void. That got stale really fast. Plus, that method really didn’t differentiate my website from the many others doing the same thing.

I decided to do some research and everything I came across regarding websites with considerable traffic involved having regular, fresh content focusing on one area of expertise.

To be honest, I didn’t even have a clue about how to go about blogging since my original idea was to build a super mobile unlocking machine and be done with it. I still have so much to learn.

You might have noticed that the first few blog entries were kind of all over the map, no real direction. Some posts are still attracting quite a few visitors though. In fact, a couple of them receive first page ranking when searching for “StockUnlocks.com ranking: ESN cleaning and unlocking” or “StockUnlocks.com ranking: use your iPad to send SMS text“.

That’s all good. But, searching for “unlock iPhone” is not so great. We end up somewhere around page 16, if we even show up at all.

Back to the content: It Changed Everything

I was still struggling to come up with something new, a focused topic, until I came across this blog that changed everything:

Crawl before you walk, By candrews

Seriously, after reading that, I had a flood of information that came to mind that, literally, supplied me with at least a year’s worth of blog material. It was at that moment that I decided to blog about something that I was passionate about: The process of unlocking mobile devices, starting with StockUnlocks.com first service: factory unlocking the iPhone.

Then, I said to myself, “Maybe there are a couple more people out there that might like this also …” Well, to date, no one has really commented on any of the entries, except for a few spam messages.

But you know what? That’s fine with me. Why? ‘Cause I like the idea of documenting this journey and having something to look back upon when, well, whenever.

When the Ads Stopped

When the website went live, I had to place a couple ads just to get noticed. That was before I discovered how to optimize the website for search engines. Ads brought loads of traffic, but sales weren’t significantly better.

The recent decision to pull all ads revealed something rather interesting: This may not be too impressive, but we’re averaging about 400 unique visitors a day and somewhere between 5 to 8 accounts created daily. I’m pretty excited about that since I still have some search engine optimization to do.

That’s not to say that I’ll never place another ad. I just wanted to see how many of our search results were “organic results”.

What the Future Looks Like

The situation will get even more interesting once I finish this blasted Drupal module! That alone will produce a slew of videos on StockUnlocks YouTube Channel, a support forum and who knows what else.

It still holds true: the majority of the visitors are coming here to unlock and get out. Quite a few are reselling unlocks. Maybe that’s the reason for just a few “likes” on StockUnlocks.com Facebook Page. Who wants to reveal their source? At least that’s what I’d like to think.

At any rate, I better get back to work. It’s time to scrub more code!


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