Instructions for Unlocking: What do I need to know to unlock my phone?

In most cases, here’s what you need to know in order to unlock your phone:

  • Brand/Model of phone
  • IMEI # (by dialing *#06#)
  • Country and Service Provider to which your phone is currently locked to

Depending on the chosen unlocking service, sometimes all that you would need would be the IMEI #

2 thoughts on “Instructions for Unlocking: What do I need to know to unlock my phone?”

  1. Albert Iglesias

    Im bidding on a LG v10 with bad esn from eBay. Your services include a remote clean for the android device. How would I know if the device is a “no pay” bad esn device?

    1. Not sure how you will be able to confirm that, sorry. You might want to give these guys a visit: checkesnfree

      Maybe there’s a resource over there to help you.

      Right now, we’re not taking orders as we’re in the process of reorganizing the website to be more of a resource for pricing and services rather than selling as a third party. Hope that helps.

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