Didn’t you say that my iPhone is now unlocked?

When you receive the response from StockUnlocks.com that your iPhone is now unlocked, this means that the iPhone is now permanently registered in Apple’s database as such. Have confidence that you have purchased the only lifetime unlock solution for Apple’s iPhone.

NOTE: For iPhone 3G or 3GS users: If you are using the iPad baseband, you need to downgrade your baseband and update your iPhone to the latest iOS (Google is your friend).

When performing the steps in the Apple iPhone (GSM) unlock procedure, you may receive one of the following messages (or similar):

  • “No Service”
  • “Activation Required”
  • “SIM card is not for the correct carrier”
  • “Not a valid sim card”

This indicates that the problem lies, not with our service, but rather with your iPhone configuration with the carrier you are attempting to use. We suggest that you consult with the carrier you have chosen in order to work out a solution.

This could also mean that the iPhone, although officially unlocked, may have never been activated on the original carrier’s network. How can that be?

Please keep in mind that the idea behind “unlocking” is to free you from the carrier that you are presently using. If you purchase or obtain an iPhone that is branded for a particular carrier’s network and you never activate that iPhone on their network, you may receive one of the above messages.

How do you go about activating your iPhone in order to complete the unlocking process? One of the below will provide a solution:

  • Enter into a contract with them (What? That’s correct. Remember the iPhone is branded for their network!) OR …
  • Activate the iPhone by using one of the prepaid MVNO services that uses their network (For AT&T this could be via GoPhoneTM , Red PocketTM or Straight TalkTM ) OR …
  • Use our AT&T iPhone Activation Service if your iPhone is locked to AT&T.

It could also be that your iPhone might be barred/blacklisted due to non-payment on the part of the previous owner or may even be reported as lost/stolen. To confirm this, you may use one of the services listed on our Barred/Blacklisted Services page. Keep in mind that mobile devices that are blacklisted may be perfectly unlocked using our services with no problem. However, they can be limited as to which country they may be used in if they are barred/blacklisted.

After successful activation or removal from a blacklist, the Apple iPhone (GSM) unlock procedure will be problem free.

NB: Please make sure that your are in compliance with our updated Terms of Use.

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