How To Make Money From Annual Phone Releases

As we all know, the giants in the smartphone industry have annual releases for new smartphones, tablets, or a product of some sort. Oftentimes, smartphones. And you guys know as well as we do that crowds flock to line up to get their hands on the latest releases. Even months after the release date, we know people still tend to upgrade, giving you an opportunity to make money. Keep reading to find out how to make money from these annual phone releases.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll only be using Apple or Samsung as examples, as two of the largest smartphone providers.

If mobile unlocking is new to you, we have a post discussing 5 reasons why you should try it. In that post, you’ll understand what it is and what it does for you. But we’ll tell you upfront that mobile unlocking is something that’s been going on for a while and probably something someone you know has gone through at some point. Regardless of where you buy your phone, a lot of people get theirs from their carriers for whatever reason. Whether for a cheaper price, for convenience, or just personal preference, one thing they have in common is they’ll all be carrier-locked. This means you won’t be able to use your phone with any other sim but your carrier’s alone.

That results in a lot of phones that are handed down or sold each year. A significant amount that would probably need a mobile unlocking service. And even if you won’t be handing down your phone, unlocking it is still a great idea for various reasons mentioned on the blog we linked earlier. If you’re wondering if there’s a possible market for this, consider checking out a post by GSM Arena. According to the post, there was a survey by wave7 research that says 90% of phones sold by four of the major carriers in the U.S. are from Apple and Samsung. This means lots of hand downs or resold smartphones every year. All we’re saying is, you could also welcome the change to make money from the annual phone releases, right?

What does this mean for mobile unlocking?

Since not everyone uses the same carrier, a lot of people will end up having trouble using their phones bought pre-owned or handed down by their mom or dad. This is where you come in!

With mobile unlocking, you can get ahead of the curve by ramping up advertising and your reach around the time of Apple’s or Samsung’s release dates. And in theory, this works really well since you’ll be spending on advertising anyway, might as well spend it wisely, right? This doesn’t triple your sales but increases your chances of reaching out to those looking to dispose of their old phone and letting them know of a service they need, they just don’t know it yet.

At the end of the day, unlocking your phone doesn’t damage your phone and gives it more functionality. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, head over to our 5 reasons why you should try mobile unlocking post. That’s a good enough reason for most people to get on board with this idea since it gives you more without costing that much.

With all of that said, there will always be a steady supply of people needing an unlocking service and not even know it. With StocksUnlocks, you can use your existing website and add our WordPress plugin to increase profitability and functionality. Check out our StockUnlocks plugin and explore what we have to offer by clicking here.

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