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How to Create a Stand-alone Unlock Product

Do you need to manually process a stand-alone unlock cell phone order? Actually, you don’t need the automation of the StockUnlocks plugin to process your WooCommerce product orders.

It’s for this reason that, beginning with version 1.8.6 of the StockUnlocks plugin, you can now create stand-alone unlock products. What exactly does that mean?

Stand-alone Unlock Product vs Automated Unlocking

Previously, WooCommerce products strictly fell into two categories:

  1. Standard, WooCommerce products
  2. StockUnlocks enabled products or “Remote Service” category products

Standard products are the default products appearing in your WooCommerce enabled store. Normally, these products have nothing to do with the Dhru Fusion API providers. In other words, related orders do not rely on communication outside of your website for status updates.

However, Remote Service products need to connect with another server in order to fully process the related order. Your Dhru Fusion supplier is that other server.

We now introduce to you: The NEW Stand-alone unlock product. It’s true, this product needs to belong to the Remote Service category. However, it does not communicate outside of your server.

Creating the Stand-alone Unlock Product

Creating the Stand-alone unlock product is not much different from creating a Standard or Remote Service product.

To create a mobile Stand-alone unlock product using WooCommerce:

woocommerce new product to create a mobile unlock serviceStep 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Products > Add New.

woocommerce add new product entry formStep 2: Enter the title under the “Add new product” (1) heading.

Step 3: Enter a “Description” (2) of the product. You may also enter a “Product short description” in the space provided.

Step 4: Select “Remote Service” (3) in the Product categories section.

This is very important. Categorize the Stand-alone product as “Remote Service”. Otherwise, the StockUnlocks plugin will not flag it as “Manual Processing”. You’ll see why in a moment.

woocommerce product regular and sale price text boxesStep 5: In the Product data section: Select “Simple product” and check “virtual”.

Step 6: Click the “General” tab and enter the “Regular price ($)” and “Sale price ($)” values.

Step 7: Click the “StockUnlocks” tab.

woocommerce stand-alone unlock product creationStep 8: Change the API provider drop-down list to “Stand-alone Unlock“.

Step 9: Leave the API id field value blank.

Step 10: Scroll down to the “Serial length” and enter 15 as the default value.

Typically, a serial length of 15 digits is the standard for an IMEI or unique identifier for the mobile device or cell phone.

Certain devices may have a longer IMEI or MEID number.

Step 11: Click “Publish” to save your changes and have your product appear on your website. Likewise, you may also click “Save Draft” if you’re not ready to “go live”.

Displaying the Stand-alone Unlock Product

Normally, your customers won’t know the difference between a Stand-alone or an Automated order. In fact, two different orders may look like this from the customer’s perspective:

stand-alone and automated view side-by-side
Customer’s Perspective, Web: Stand-alone on the left, Automated on the right.

With this in mind, after placing the order, let’s see how things look after the StockUnlocks plugin processes the stand-alone order for the first time.

wordpress dashboard woocommerce view orders Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on WooCommerce > Orders.

dashboard view of stand-alone unlock processing
Admin’s Perspective: WordPress Dashboard … Processing

At first, the order will have the status “Processing”.

stand-alone unlock order view from web
Customer’s Perspective: “My Account”, web … Processing

If your customer happens to log into your website to check the order status while it’s “Processing”, here’s what they’ll see (above).

dashboard view of stand-alone unlock manual processing
Admin’s Perspective: WordPress Dashboard … Manual Processing

However, depending on your cron settings, it’s most likely that the status will have already changed from “Processing” to “Manual Processing”.

As a matter of fact, it’s possible that you may not even see the “Processing” status.

web view stand-alone unlock manual processing
Customer’s Perspective: “My Account”, web … Manual Processing

Again, here’s what the customer will see when viewing the order status when it’s set to “Manual Processing” (above).

Updating the Stand-alone Unlock Product

click to edit the stand-alone unlock order

1. Click on the order to fully display it for editing.

stand-alone unlock order initial editing
Admin’s Perspective: Editing Stand-alone order

2. If you have the unlock code or instructions to send to your customer, it’s at this point that you can change the status of the order to “Code delivered”.

add note section of the stand-alone unlock order
Admin’s Perspective – Adding a note to the Stand-alone order

3. Afterwards, you can enter the unlock code and/or instructions in the “Add note” section to the customer.

stand-alone unlock change note to customer
Admin’s Perspective: changing note type to “Note to customer”

4. Make sure to change the note type to “Note to Customer” so that an email with details will be sent to the customer.

click add note to customer to stand-alone unlock order

5. Click “Add” to add the custom message to this order

displaying note to customer on stand-alone unlock orderYou will then see the message appear with the order.

clicking update to save changes to the stand-alone unlock order

6. Click “Update” to save your changes and to notify the customer.

From the Customer’s Point of View

email received after updating stand-alone unlock order
Customer’s Perspective: Email received after order is updated

As a result, the customer will receive an email notification similar to what you see above.

stand-alone unlock order code delivered status on web
Customer’s Perspective: “My Account” web, final order status

Finally, when the customer logs into your website to check the order status, they’re presented with full order details. Congrats, all manually processed by yours truly 😉

In Conclusion

The Stand-alone unlock product is really easy to set up and can come in handy when:

  • You need to place customer orders with a provider that’s not using the Dhru Fusion API.
  • You want to send various, customized messages to the customer regarding the order status

Consequently, this addition to the StockUnlocks plugin is the direct result of your feedback. Thanks!

What else would you like to see the StockUnlocks plugin do? Sure, it may take some time to implement, but we welcome your feedback! Let us know.


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