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How To Be Productive Online Entrepreneurs

StockUnlocks is a great management tool for anyone looking to go into the business. Using tools and outside help is great but what does it take to be productive? One management tool is a great way to add value to what you do and your business as a whole but let’s dig a little deeper on how to be productive as online entrepreneurs.

Build Up Habits

Many people have their own ways to be productive and make good on their time for the day. We also know procrastination never got anyone anywhere, not in our experience anyway. A great way to get ahead of that hump is to build up your habits. Yeah, we know it’s easy to do something over and over and it could also get boring. If you want to get past that, stick to one habit you want to build and work your way from there. Once you get used to that habit, that’s the time to move on. Don’t juggle many new habits to do at the same time because that’s where you get overwhelmed and bail.

Building habits not only makes you consistent and productive. It could increase your chances of becoming successful at what you do. We’ve seen a lot of information on the habits of millionaires and Financial Review has one too with some good loadout on these habits.

Stay On Your Timeline

With procrastination out of the way, presumably, this next tip should be much easier. It’s good to remember that a clean schedule keeps your tasks organized. You may use tools for these, which we’ll get to in a while. But it would be wise to set a schedule and update it regularly so you’ll always have something to go back to when you get lost in the process. 

Use the Right Tools

As of today, there are lots of right tools for different tasks and we couldn’t recommend using them enough. Much like these tools, StockUnlocks also offer the utility that will free you up so much time and hassle. It has a free version you just need to check out. It’s perfect for mobile unlockers and newcomers in the mobile unlocking space.

Going back to the tools, it would really depend on what project you are working on but Trello is a great tool you can use to manage projects and work with team members as well. If you’re working alone on your business, maybe Evernote is enough to get you by. If you’re into social media management, then it’s a whole other story. At the end of the day, the point is there are lots of tools you can use if you’re struggling to keep afloat or just plainly trying to do things better.

Don’t Multitask

It would probably sound counterproductive for us to be saying this but it’s a great thing to note and one that many have been misunderstanding. Unfortunately, for us, it actually is counterproductive to be multitasking or trying to switch between many tasks at once. Contrary to what many people think, it does you more harm than good. Forbes mentioned in their post that doing this makes you learn less since this process would take you longer to do tasks. It would be much better to pick a task and stick to that and you’ll see the difference in your time spent overall. Keep this in mind the next time you wake up on a Monday and try to catch up on everything that happened while you do other stuff.

Take Breaks

Since a lot of us are working from home, staying more productive is key when you have more distractions. Especially if you have a lot going on your life and work. Sometimes all we need is a thirty-minute nap to get things in order. Tameday made a post about it and says that the nap will help employees gain alertness and retain knowledge better throughout the day. But be sure this is something your higher-ups allow before you take that pillow and run off to the breakroom.

Overall, whether you’re at home or in the office, the process is much less the same to get work done. We hope you picked up one or two things from this and we’ll see you in the next one.

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