Smartphone Security: Backup & sync your data, iPhone, Android, Windows

If the unfortunate happens, such as losing your smartphone, having to delete all of its contents or it becomes physically damaged, you want to be sure to have your phone’s data available in order to restore it to a replacement device.

Even though services exist for remotely backing up your smartphone to an online storage area, better known as “the cloud”, there are usually limitations as to what kind of backup you are creating.

For example, are you just backing up applications and their related data only? What about other device settings related to preferences, text messages, or emails?

Some cloud services allow you keep copies of your most critical data and settings by way of scheduled or manual synchronization.

If you would like to completely restore your device to another one, the best bet is to have a complete backup of your device on a local computer. It’s even better if that local backup is encrypted as well.

Here’s how to sync or backup the contents of your smartphone:

  • Android: Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Back up my data. Depending on the version of Android, backed up settings and app data may be stored on Google’s servers. More Android backup info.
  • iPhone: When you connect to iTunes and perform a sync, iTunes does you the favor of automatically creating a backup of your phone. More Apple iOS backup info
  • Windows Phone 8: In the App list, tap Settings > Backup. More Windows Phone backup info

Regularly backing up and syncing your smartphone will help you to avoid that empty feeling that usually accompanies the complete loss of data.

Taking such advance precautions will also get you back in the swing of things, relatively quickly, if the need ever arises to replace or remotely erase a lost or stolen device.

Keep it synced!

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