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      If you did not install the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress via “Plugins” in your Dashboard, follow these instructions:

      1. Upload the unzipped folder ‘stockunlocks’ and its contents to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
      2. Unzip the plugin file
      3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

      You can also view this YouTube video on how to install the StockUnlocks plugin.

      Here’s the full video for importing products:

      Once you have the plugin installed, continue below:

      1. Create an account at the StockUnlocks Reseller Website in order to fully test your installation
      2. Use the ‘Plugin Options’ in the ‘StockUnlocks’ plugin menu to update all settings to reflect your website name and contact email address
      3. Use the ‘Providers’ in the ‘StockUnlocks’ plugin menu to create a new Unlocking Service Provider. This can be for your current provider or the information you received after step 1 was completed
      4. Use the ‘Import Services’ in the ‘StockUnlocks’ plugin menu to import unlocking services (Products) from your selected Provider
      5. Use the ‘Products’ WooCommerce plugin menu to locate the recently imported Product(s). They will have the status ‘Imported’
      6. Edit the imported Product to your liking (especially ‘Regular Price’ found under ‘Product Data > General’).
      7. Tip: If you’re using the ‘TEST – Available’ or ‘TEST – Unavailable’, set your ‘Regular Price’ to 0.0 to speed up the testing from your website.
      8. Change the Product status by clickng ‘Publish’. NOTE: Products with status ‘Imported’ will not work with this plugin until changed to ‘Publish’
      9. Use the ‘Plugin Options’ in the ‘StockUnlocks’ plugin menu to enable and set the cron schedule.
      10. Navigate to yourwebsite-dotcom/shop and select one of the recently imported test services and place an order
      11. Examine the automatic notifications for accuracy. Make needed changes via step 2 above

      Presently, we only provide you with two services: ‘TEST – Available’ or ‘TEST – Unavailable’. We could easily add many more actual unlocking services, but we are not going to pretend that we are a direct source supplier when we are not. Our goal is to help you test your website with the StockUnlocks plugin.

      Your account with reseller.stockunlocks.com simply mimics the same activity you will experience with the Dhru Fusion service provider(s) that you currently work with or will choose to work with in the future. Follow this link to find the cheapest Dhru Fusion unlocking provider/supplier.

      When you finally connect the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress with a Dhru Fusion source supplier, they may offer up 200 unlocking services or more.

      Check out this topic if you already have an established website with unlocking services and want to convert them for use with the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress.

      Happy unlocking!

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