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      Suppose that you already have published Products on your website before you installed the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress. How can you use the plugin with them?

      We are working on a more streamlined, bulk approach for this. However, here is what you can do in the meantime (screenshots on the way …)

      1. Based on your existing Products, create a corresponding Provider entry under: StockUnlocks > Providers: “Add New”
      2. Fill out all of the necessary details and “Publish” the newly created entry.
      3. Navigate to StockUnlocks > Import Services and select the desired Provider from the dropdown box.
      4. Click “Retrieve” to view the unlocking services in your browser (this will not import services into your website. You are only viewing them in the browser).
      5. Identify the unlocking services that already exist in your website and make a note of the value in the “serviceid” column.
      6. Navigate to WooCommerce Products: Products > Products and locate the Product that you would like to convert and click “Edit”.
      7. Once in Edit mode, look over to the far right at the “Product Categories” section and put a check mark in “Remote Service”
      8. In the center of the screen, you will see “Product Data”, select “Simple Product” and put a check mark in the box next to “Virtual”.
      9. Located in the same column as the “General” tab, look at the bottom and click on “StockUnlocks”.
      10. Select the designated API provider from the dropdown box.
      11. Enter the “serviceid” (the value that you took note of in Step 5 above) in the “API id” field.
      12. Scroll down and enter “15” in the “Serial length” field. Most IMEI unlocks are 15 digits. Adjust this according to the service your are modifying.
      13. Put a check mark in the “Online” box.
      14. All other fields are optional. Fill them in as you see fit. The default values set to “No” are probably best left as they are.
      15. Click “Update” to save all of your changes.

      Now, when someone places an order for that particular Product, it will be automatically processed by the StockUnlocks plugin as usual.

      We understand that this is a long, manual process, especially if you have many products to be converted. Thank you for your patience as we work on an easier way to do this. We will keep you posted on our progress via Twitter and our blog.



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