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      UPDATE 11-Feb-2017: APPROVED! Get it here: StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress. What a sigh of relief. There were a couple of adjustments that I had to make regarding sanitizing text, etc. I have to say that the overall process went faster and smoother than I thought it would go. Here are the preliminary installation instructions.

      UPDATE 08-Feb-2017: I’ve submitted the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress to be reviewed for approval. You can take a peek at the waiting list here: WordPress Plugin Waiting List. When I submitted StockUnlocks, there were 111 in the review queue and 48 awaiting initial review.

      If it gets approved, I will post the link here as well as on the home page and send a Tweet.


      I’ve finally completed the FREE StockUnlocks mobile unlocking plugin for WordPress. Any day now, you will be able to transform and empower your WordPress website to become a mobile unlocking machine!

      The StockUnlocks Plugin for WordPress  will have all of the functionality found in the Drupal Module. I’ve done my best to make you feel at home by integrating with WooCommerce and doing things the “WordPress way”.

      Get ready to take the plugin for a spin and give me your feedback right here so that I may continue to improve it!

      If you’re not following on Twitter, head on over and keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

      Looking forward to bringing you the tools and resources you need for your unlocking business.

      All the best,


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