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Regarding the WC Sold Individually, when I tested it, here’s what happened:

  • I created a “Test – Product”, clicked on the “Inventory” tab (below “General”)
  • Put a “checkmark” after “Sold individually” right in front of “Enable this to only allow one of this item to be bought in a single order” and Updated it
  • I opened it up to view in the browser and clicked on “Add to cart” to add the single item to the cart with no problem
  • I went back to add an additional “Test – Product” to the cart and was presented with the message:
    You cannot add another “TEST – Product” to your cart.

WC seems to be doing what’s stated when it says: “Enable this to only allow one of this item to be bought in a single order”.

On the back-end, I was manipulating the product and WC enforced the “allow one of this item” in this case. It was a real pain trying to work around this when I needed to reference multiple IMEI within one custom field of a single Product in an attempt to increase the number of  items (Products) bought in a single order.




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