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SU Admin

Thanks for your feedback. I just wanted to let you know that I saw this and will be coming back with more details later.

First off, two things I can address right now are the “Response Email” and the “WC Sold Individually” item.

Response Email:

When I developed the StockUnlocks Drupal module, four years ago, there were requests to be able to send replies to a different email than the one associated with the website’s customer account. This was the solution and it’s a carry over from the original StockUnlocks module. I used to have it so that if the user was logged in, it would default to their account email and they could change it if desired.

It probably will remain in place as it is to give the legacy users the functionality they originally requested. Making it optional … well … that’s always a possibility, but very low on my list right now. It sounds simple, but one update in the code here touches so many other things. There are other requests that require my attention right now, like automatically updating prices when Supplier’s source price changes, etc.

WC Sold Individually:

Yep. I tried that already with not so good results. Here’s an excerpt from my journal:

15-jan-17 > NEW: Had to disable the “add_filter( ‘woocommerce_is_sold_individually’, ‘suwp_remove_all_quantity_fields’, 10, 2 );”
DUE TO FORCING A QUANTITY OF 1 WHEN ADDING MULTIPLE ITEMS [edit: of the same Product] TO THE CART. Other settings still won’t allow suwp services to increase beyond “1” here. IMEI totals are calculating properly.

For example, if the customer ordered 5 IMEI to be unlocked [edit: from one Product], WooCommerce would reset the quantity back to 1 when checking out if the Product was set to “Sold Individually”. The 5 IMEI would still be submitted to be unlocked though. Not so good, huh?

Even though the incremental control is there to increase/decrease the qty totals – try it, you’ll see that it won’t do anything to the final values (if the Product Category is “Remote Service”). I literally worked for days on this and finally settled on the best compromise.

I’m going to take a closer look at the email formatting and status things. I knew that I would come back, one day, and have to address the email formatting. I’ll comment here on my findings.

Thanks, again, for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

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