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First, thanks for your plugin.

Here are some recommendations to improve plugin usage:

1.- Delete or make optional “Response Email:” field. There is no need of this as in the checkout users are prompted to register an account with a valid email, that makes “Response Email:” unnecessary and repetitive.

2.- Force products that use plugin to be “Individual Sold” item as the plugin already detects when user write 2 o more IMEIS per line.

3.- Use default Woocommerce order status and attach information to woo email templates (Keep it simple), for example:

+ Code ordered can be Woocommerce “Processing” status
+ Code delivered can be “Completed” status
+ Processing error can be “Failed” Status
+ Code pending refund can be “Refund”

Some plugin status and emails can remain (partially ones), but use woocommerce email templates (seems unprofessional receiving plain text emails and then receive beautiful designed emails)

3.1.- Can use plugin new order status, but use woocommerce default email templates to make it look professional and uniform designs.



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