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This module is excellent, a great contribution without a doubt to the drupal community.
I tried it with an order with the account of, but the order will not change its status of “PENDING”. I checked the website to see if there are any orders, but no luck.
I tested it out with a real order with an account I made on my website but the order won’t change its’ status from “PENDING”. I checked on my sellers’ website to see if there are any orders but no luck. If you could help me out it would be great!
Create a site in my VPS and buy a hosting in GoDaddy to prove it, and in both cases the ordering always stays in “PENDING”.
If they explained to me how the module works internally, or how it makes use of cron, would be ideal to find because it does not change the state of the orders ?, and because the orders do not arrive at my supplier?
Thank you for all your help.



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