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SU Admin

Please confirm that your cron task is running:


Make sure that it is set to “Run cron every” … for a time period and NOT for “Never“.

Also, we only provide 2 services for testing with our API. Our […] website is for testing only.

Once you get everything working with your website, you will have to search to find a unlocking direct supplier in order to connect your website with their API and then download the many services from them.

Please read the detailed instructions above to be sure that you are looking in the right places for the orders you are submitting.





Dell Worldwide, any model/network: Streak {Mini} 5 7

Dell Worldwide, any model/network: Supported: Streak {Mini} 5, Streak 7, Venue, Venue PRO, XCD28, etc. IMEI Unlocking service. For KBH (below) :Input the Device Service Tag # from back of phone in the KBH field. This service IS NOT FOR iPhones.

Unlocking Service for Dell