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SU Admin

First of all, congratulations – you’ve accomplished exactly what was intended using the tutorials.

Outside of that, you will have to explore for yourself the many aspects of Drupal development. Once the data is imported it can be configured to be used as products to be added to a shopping cart and sold on your website. The details regarding “using the data” are quite involved.

The time and expense creating additional tutorials and support for the module is proving to be a liability right now. The best we can do is to ensure that it remains bug free at this point.

Please do your best to search “Drupal Development” or “Ubercart product configuration”. There are tons of tutorials out there that will assist you. It’s not worth our time and effort to re-create what is already out there in abundance.

Please don’t be put off by my comments, for now that’s just the way things are.

Many regards