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Thanks for your info. I somehow changed the default page to “catalog” and its working for now. Now the site I mentioned above was a test site. Since its working there on the test site I installed everything on the live site now whihc is

I have followed all the steps, installed all the dependent plugins and the missing plugins, created “cckeys” directory, created “private” directory and changed the permissions etc. Then I installed the Stockunlocks module.

Now when I click on to add a new service provider it gives me an error. I believe its a db error. Picture are attached.

I am able to view the “Stockunlock View”. I am also able to click on “su API Add” and add the provider as clicking on it takes me to the below link –

But the problem is that when I click any of the link – – it dont work and gives me the error.

Any of the option ” ADD DESIGNATE” or “MODIFY AN API Provider” it gives me the error. If I click any of the link from the navigation menu it do not give me the error. I uninstalled the SU Unlock module, deleted the directory and all the files then readd th module it gives the same error.

Then I uninstalled the whole drupal and installed the dependent modules and the missing modules and added the directories and added the StockUnlock module the same problem happens.

Any idea?