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Help for Users with Suggestions

… yes, that would be nice. Come on over to the forums and see if someone has already thought of that. If not, why not submit your feature request while you’re there?

Help with BASIC Plugin Configuration

It is highly recommended to first test the plugin with an account created with This eliminates any doubt regarding the configuration of the plugin with your website.

This is part of the provided support: Test with a known working configuration (ours). If there are any issues, we can easily narrow down to a solution.

If you install the plugin and straightaway attempt to connect with other providers, we have no way of troubleshooting their API configuration.

If you haven’t already, please create your account here:

Afterwards, proceed with importing a couple of the test services as outlined in the videos designed to assist you:

Actually, if you are new to remote mobile unlocking, there is no need to purchase StockUnlocks Pro. When just starting out, you can be profitable using the StockUnlocks Basic plugin.

In fact, we encourage you to hold off on purchasing StockUnlocks Pro until you find that your online business actually requires the Pro features and functionality.

Additionally, as a new user of the StockUnlocks plugin, we understand that you need assistance when configuring it. That’s why we encourage you to first view ALL of the videos in this playlist before contacting us:

Afterwards, if your problem was not addressed, feel free to contact us.

One way to find a Direct Source Supplier is to search the web for: “Dhru fusion supplier, GSM fusion supplier or NakshSoft supplier, direct unlock supplier, etc.” or similar.

Once you find a Supplier, inquire whether or not they use one of the APIs that the StockUnlocks plugin is configured for:

DHRU Fusion • GSM Fusion (GSM Genie)  • NakshSoft • UnlockBase

Afterwards, simply use the same steps for configuring the StockUnlocks plugin that you used when you tested with

Note: Some Direct Suppliers will charge you for testing with their system, be sure that you are aware of all details.

You may review how to test with by watching the videos regarding the StockUnlocks plugin here:

The StockUnlocks plugin is exactly that: a plugin. It is not a theme, so it does not alter the look and feel of your website from the customer’s perspective.

If you’d like to see the functionality that the StockUnlocks plugin adds to your website, here is a link to some videos.

Experienced users of the StockUnlocks plugin will either use a free theme or purchase a premium theme based on their needs.

A WordPress plugin is something that adds new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your site. Key word: functionality. That is exactly what the StockUnlocks plugin does.

In general, you use a WordPress theme to change how your website looks and a plugin to add or change functionality on your website.

If you’re interested in seeing what your website can look like, simply search the multitude of store/product related themes that are available and make your selection based on your preferences.

You can begin your search for themes using websites that offer various themes, like:

Some may use a theme like the “Shopkeeper” theme.

Or, they may hire someone to design a custom theme or modify an existing theme. It’s all a question of personal choice and the abilities of the website owner.

Help with PRO Plugin Configuration

Help with WordPress Settings

… help with WordPress Settings.

Help with WooCommerce Integration

… help with WooCommerce Integration.

Help with Dhru Fusion API Server

… help with Dhru Fusion API Server.

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