I’m Excited About this unlocking website project: Accomplishments

At first, it seemed rather daunting: The creation of a custom installable Drupal module, including proper code commenting, and adhering to various other standards.

The task of reorganizing strewn about PHP code, css, js files and various directories would end up actually making all of our lives a little bit easier, at least when it comes to unlocking mobile devices.

Hiding in the dark

When building this website, I hadn’t given any thought to letting anyone in to take a look under the hood. If I slapped some scripts over here, tossed in a few random loops over there – who cared what it looked like behind the scenes?

It works! No one was ever going to see that nasty, tangled code, so I thought.

This whole “www.StockUnlocks.com build your own mobile unlocking website” is really coming together, and much better than I expected. I have to say that I am definitely excited about what’s been accomplished up to now.

The Solid Foundation

There are scheduled PHP scripts, or “cron jobs”, which handle the processing, submission, and replying to unlocking service orders. This is 100% automated, working in the background.

The existing Drupal module dynamically switches between a number of API connections or “Providers”, based on the selected unlocking service.

Adding Providers, however, was accomplished by manually editing the underlying PHP code – not fun.

What’s complete?

Adding, editing, and enabling an API Provider is now just a matter of clicking “Add” or “Edit”, filling in as little as 4 fields and clicking “Save”. Done:

dhru api edit provider
dhru api active provider

We’re now able to see all of the unlocking services available from any registered Provider without having to go to their website:

dhru api getimei services

Now, we can select a provider from within our own website, and not only view all of their unlocking services, but also view or take action upon anything else the API makes available to us:

dhru api actions

What remains?

Presently working on the ability to select one, several, or all of the displayed unlocking services in the browser and automatically create new products directly in our own Drupal website. Right now, this is a manual process.

I’m only mentioning the major items necessary to get the “development” version of this module up on the main Drupal website and into your hands.

No doubt, this Drupal module will undergo several iterations before it will reach the desired “v1.0” status. The sooner, the better … and then, the sky is the limit.


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