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How to Enable Automatic User Registration Mode [Dhru Fusion GSM]

A new user had just signed up on your Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server and you’d prefer to enable automatic user registration mode from now on.

Previously, the manual registration mode was fine when business was slow. However, things are different now. You need all the time you can get in order to manage your cell phone unlocking business.

Automatic user registration mode is the key.

You receive the ‘New User Signup’ email message when a user first signs up to unlock cell phones using your Dhru Fusion GSM server.

If you didn’t act fast enough to activate the reseller’s user profile, then you would receive an email from the user, requesting you to ‘Please activate my profile’.

Here are the default steps when activating the user profile:

  • Logging into your server
  • Find the new user’s profile
  • Edit the profile
  • Change the profile status
  • Save the profile
  • Notify the user of the change

Advantages of Manual User Registration Activation

There are some advantages to manually activating the reseller’s user profile. If you manually activate the user profile, you can look over the details regarding this potential future business partner of yours:

  • Have you dealt with them before?
  • Is this someone you’d like to do business with?

You can see everything about this person before you decide whether or not to activate or block their user profile.

How to Enable Automatic User Registration

Maybe you prefer to sort through the user profile details at a later time and just have your server automatically set to the newly registered user profile to ‘Active’. For this reason, turning on the Automatic user registration mode option will speed up the whole registration process.

Here’s what you’ll need to do enable Automatic user registration mode for your Dhru Fusion GSM server:

Step 1: Log into your Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server

Step 2: Click on Settings > General Settings >Registration / Profile

Step 3: Change REGISTRATION MODE to Automatic

Step 4: Click Save to enable automatic user registration 

The next time a user creates a profile by signing up with your website, an automated email reply will be sent to their registered email address. This automated email message will contain a secure link which will accomplish two things:

  • Confirm that the user is human and not an automated bot
  • Allow them to click on the enclosed link to activate their profile

How to Customize Your Email Templates

The Dhru Fusion GSM server is already configured to send automated emails based on a variety of email templates.

For example, if your website was previously enabled for Manual user registration mode, there’s a specific email template for this called ‘Registration Confirmation (Manual)’.

Alternatively, if user registration mode is set to Automatic, the ‘Registration Confirmation (Automatic)’ email template contains the message sent to the user after registration is complete.

You can customize any of the email templates in the Dhru Fusion GSM server. Moreover, you may want the email messages to include additional instructions, special offers or more information about the cell phone unlock services you provide.

Let’s look at how to access the ‘Registration Confirmation (Automatic)’ email template in order to make changes to it according to your needs.

Step 1: Log into your Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server

dhru fusion gsm email settings selectionStep 2: Click on Settings > E-Mail Settings

dhru fusion gsm email templatesStep 3: Click on E-Mail Template at the top

dhru fusion gsm enable automatic user registration template selectionStep 4: Locate the Registration Confirmation (Automatic) email template and click the pencil icon to edit it

dhru fusion email template edit and status enableStep 5: Edit the contents of the MESSAGE text field to your liking

NOTE: Make sure that the STATUS is set to ENABLE, otherwise no email messages will be sent.

Step 6: Click the SAVE button to confirm your changes

Follow the above steps in order to customize any of the other email templates in your Dhru Fusion GSM server.

In Summary

There are advantages when you enable automatic user registration mode for your Dhru Fusion GSM server:

1. Frees up your time, allowing you to focus on running your unlock business

2. Allows the reseller to start doing business almost immediately with you

3. Automatically contacts users with specific instructions related to their registration

The Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server is described as an “all-in-one client & supplier management, Billing, Shopping cart, Blog, Support solution for online businesses.”

Inform your resellers about using the StockUnlock plugin for WordPress. The StockUnlocks plugin uses the official Dhru Fusion API. Therefore, enabling your resellers to increase their business with you.

By all means, view our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to hear about what we’re doing to help you improve your mobile and cell phone unlock experience!

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