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Tips To Boost Your Business: E-Commerce For Mobile Repair Shops

Earlier this month, we released an article about supercharging unlock products. While we believe that helps direct providers, here’s an article for mobile repair and unlock shops and tips to take advantage of E-Commerce and boost your business. 

We also mentioned this already on a past blog. But nearly half of businesses today don’t even have a website. In a small industry much like mobile repair and unlocking services, getting your business out there is key. Keeping up with industry standards could just do you wonders and we hope you get something out of this post.


While collaborating within bigger brands is a common thing, doing it as a small business is also a great idea. For small businesses, however, this is still possible in many ways. One great way is by collaborating with local shops by offering discounts or freebies to their customer in exchange for promoting you. 

But if you want to do it online then micro-influencers are for you. Since most teens have a phone and scroll through social media at least an hour a day, take advantage of micro-influencers. While you might think this is not effective, people are starting to see more value in them and now getting higher engagement rates according to The Boss Magazine. This is a great way to reach your local community and younger demographics. 

Make a Website

We’ve mentioned this a few times already and it’s really worth noting. We have a post on the benefits of having a website and you can check it out here. In essence, having a website boosts your credibility and your means of advertising. Since many people are on their phones lately, having a website takes advantage of that. At the very least, creating a website opens doors for you to expand your business.

Branch out

What does it mean to expand your business? Well, it would depend on what you’re offering. For mobile repair and unlock services, this could mean starting to offer smartphone accessories, parts, and other services. If you haven’t checked out our plugin yet, check it out here. Since it’s great to offer a one-stop-shop for your customers, why not see what other peripherals you could offer to really get into things.

Offer Your Services Online

Some of you might be doing this already. The thing is a lot of businesses really don’t move away much from their conventional ways. Especially those that offer services, transitioning online is harder at first. If you offer repair services, there are a couple of ways around it. First is offering home service. This is great for those that want to get the services on the same day or don’t want to part ways with their devices. The downside though is you’ll rack up additional expenses for gas and of course it would take more time. 

On the other hand, you can offer pick-up and drop-off services. UPS, for example, has that option that would be convenient for you and your customer. If you haven’t tried offering it, especially in areas that haven’t reopened yet, that would be a great way to refresh your services. Not to mention offering other products and services like mobile unlocking, it would definitely keep you busy.

Social Media is Your Friend

Since you know by now that everyone is on social media, no need to further explain this one. While it’s not always easy to get a thousand likes, it’s a great way to keep your business up there and one search away.

So if you found this interesting at all, check out our other blogs or check out our free download for those looking into mobile unlocking.

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