Dhru Fusion GSM API: Service Suppliers – Worldwide

After configuring and testing the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress, many ask, “Where can I find a Supplier?”

Here you can find a list of Direct Source Unlock Suppliers using servers that are configured with the Dhru Fusion GSM API client.

Dear Suppliers, if your website does not appear on the above page, make sure that your server configuration complies with what’s outlined on the Dhru Fusion API automation page.

As replies come in, they will be compiled so that the StockUnlocks plugin users may be informed about their choices.

If you are such a supplier, please contact us with the following information:

  1. A link to your website
  2. The type of API used to remotely connect to your website

Once verified, links will be listed on the corresponding page as they are received.

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