Dhru Fusion GSM API: Service Suppliers – Worldwide

After configuring and testing the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress, many ask, “Where can I find a Supplier?”

You may be aware that the StockUnlocks plugin is no longer restricted to working with only the Dhru Fusion API. We have added API configuration settings for:

DHRU Fusion • GSM Fusion (GSM Genie) • NakshSoft • UnlockBase

In the past, it was difficult maintaining a reliable list of Direct Source Unlock Suppliers. We are currently investigating a means to present you with a verified, current list of Suppliers rather than showing you a static list.

Once completed, the list of Suppliers will be found here: Direct Source Unlock Suppliers. This list will not be restricted to Suppliers using servers that are only configured with the Dhru Fusion GSM API client. The list will also include Suppliers using any of the various API configurations mentioned above.

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