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Add the “Delivery Time” Shortcode to a WooCommerce Product

It happened again. Unlock code delivery times change like the wind. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a delivery time shortcode that could automatically update these changes?

The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress uses a Shortcode that allows you to enter a reference to the delivery time one time and forget about it.

Yes, update the delivery time in one location. Afterwards, your mobile or cell phone unlocking website will display the update everywhere it appears.

The Reason for the Delivery Time Shortcode

Why not just automatically update the delivery time when your Dhru Fusion direct source provider changes their delivery time? By all means, we gave that some thought and decided that not everyone would want that to happen.

Suppose your supplier has difficulty sticking to their delivery time for a particular unlock service. Given that, you may want to add some more time to your website’s advertised delivery time, to set your customer’s expectations.

Why is this such a big deal? For example, you have an unlock service that has a delivery time of 1 Hour. Your Dhru Fusion provider becomes overwhelmed with those particular unlock orders and has to change the delivery time to 1 or 2 days.

However, your website may still advertise the delivery time for 1 Hour. As a result, complaints increase. You have disappointed the customers. They don’t receive their unlock code within the advertised time frame. Also, not to mention the time spent communicating with them.

We’ve anticipated these potential problems. Rather than having you manually update the delivery time for a specific unlock service, you just need to update it one time on the WooCommerce Products entry.

The Delivery Time Shortcode will take care of updating the displayed delivery time everywhere else.

Adding the Delivery Time Shortcode

Basically, here’s what you will have to do to implement the Delivery Time Shortcode:

  • Open the WooCommerce Product that contains “Remote Service” as one of its Categories
  • Update the “Estimated delivery time” value as needed
  • Add the Shortcode: "["suwp_delivery_time product_id = n"]" to any of the Product description fields
  • Save your changes. Done

Note: For all examples, remove the double quotes “” from around the brackets for this to work.

Use the Delivery Time Shortcode anywhere on your website. As long as you know the specific WooCommerce Product id, you can reference and display the delivery time for any of your unlock services.

Follow these steps to display the estimated delivery time using the Delivery Time Shortcode. The WooCommerce product should be categorized as “Remote Service”:

wordpress dashboard selection to show all woocommerce productsStep 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Products > All Products

wordpress dashboard remote service products categoryStep 2: Hover over any product that has “Remote Service” as one of its Categories

Step 3: Observe the ID tag and the number that follows it. This is the unique Product id that you will need to use in the Delivery Time Shortcode.

woocommerce unique product id display

For example, if you see this: ID: 294, then 294 is the unique Product id.

adding the delivery time shortcode to product descriptionStep 4: Edit the product and place the following shortcode anywhere in the product description: "["suwp_delivery_time product_id = 294"]". Substitute “294” with your product id. Make sure that you include the brackets “[ ]” around the short code or it won’t work.

woocommerce product delivery time value updatedStep 5: Click on “Product data > StockUnlocks” and update the “Estimated delivery time” with your chosen time frame.

Step 6: Click the “Update” button to save your changes.

View the Results of the Delivery Time Shortcode

At this point, you can view your changes on your website to see the how the Estimated delivery time is displayed. However, before viewing in the product in the browser, let’s add something.

adding text before the delivery time shortcodeEnter some text in front of your Delivery Time Shortcode like this:

Delivery time: "["suwp_delivery_time product_id = 123"]"

woocommerce product web display delivery time shortcodeFor example, if the value you entered into “Estimated delivery time” field in the WooCommerce Product was Now ... it's 5 days :-( in Step 5, then here is how it would be displayed in the above example:

Delivery time: Now ... it's 5 days :-(

In Summary

The use of the Delivery Time Shortcode is not limited to the Product description field for a specific WooCommerce product.

Use this shortcode in other posts or pages. Of course, you just need to know the unique Product id .

We gave thought to having the delivery time on the WooCommerce Product automatically update. Of course, updates would only happen if the Dhru Fusion supplier’s remote unlock service delivery time changed.

What do you think? Should we create an option to automatically track and update the estimated delivery time? Actually, this would be similar to when the supplier’s price changes.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

4 thoughts on “Add the “Delivery Time” Shortcode to a WooCommerce Product”

  1. Can you please provide us, if available some PHP codes or similar implementation in order to update our delivery time automatically. It’s really hard to update each product one by one. Can you please implement the automatic update on a beta update so we can use it.

    It’s very useful if you have this formula… Provider change delivery time=== Product on our website changes the delivery time.

    1. Great suggestion, thanks.

      Suppose your Provider’s delivery is “Instant”? The fastest built in StockUnlocks cron schedule is 2 minutes. I’ve tried setting it faster than that and almost got the plugin banned from certain web hosting environments due to the sheer amount of activity involved with checking/responding to orders.

      Question: If your Provider’s linked Product automatically changes your WooCommerce Remote Service Product to “Instant” and the customer still has to wait in excess of 2 minutes, are you ready for the possible backlash that will create?

  2. Thank you very much for your reply. Once again very grateful that you can develop this plugin. (update it)
    We are more than happy to contribute our criteria and experiences so that you can develop a better plugin

    We have other plugin that generate a lot of demand from the servers that work well to date. So I don’t think server load is a big problem in (our case).

    In response to your question. Many of our clients are more focused on the “estimated delivery time” of service, so this generates a large number of users asking the same question over and over again … How long does this service take? Not being able to respond to each client generates more negative implications than being able to show the estimated delivery time on each product. Always adding that it is “ESTIMATED” and should not be understood as literal.

    Also, remember that this could be added to the plugin as an option, it would be at the disposal of each administrator to show or not the estimated delivery time in each product. We know this would be extra work for you to work on but it would significantly add more value to your plugin In theory, it would be as simple as … show estimated time or not (yes or no).

    We hope to see some updates soon.

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