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Manually Create a Mobile Unlock Service with WooCommerce

Forget importing unlock services from your Dhru Fusion supplier for a minute. Instead, did you know that you can manually create a mobile unlock service from scratch with WooCommerce?

Unlocking cell phones with WordPress, WooCommerce and the StockUnlocks plugin is a great combination.

Your business is on autopilot because you use the StockUnlocks plugin. Finally, it imports and automatically creates mobile unlock services for your website.

Accordingly, the StockUnlocks plugin connects remotely to your Dhru Fusion source provider’s website. After that, it copies the services that you select directly into your own website.

With that in mind, why would anyone want to manually create the mobile or cell phone unlock service?

Manually Create a Mobile Unlock Service

You create your own content from scratch. Therefore, it’s just natural for you to manually create a mobile unlock service.

Above all, what the StockUnlocks plugin is doing in the background just interests you. Really, you just want to see the details for yourself.

Manually creating a WooCommerce product is standard practice. If you’ve been using WooCommerce, this is nothing new to you.

Adding the StockUnlocks plugin with WooCommerce enhances the product creation experience. Under certain conditions, some mobile and cell phone unlock orders will not be processed.

Here’s an overview of the steps involved:

  • Obtain the unique API id of the unlock service(s)
  • Create the WooCommerce product (or unlock service)
  • Categorize the WooCommerce product as a “Remote Service”
  • Associate the WooCommerce product with an “API provider”
  • Enter the appropriate API id
  • Optional: Enter other specifics regarding the newly created unlock service.

All Unlock Services are not Created Equal

Every unlock service that is linked your Dhru Fusion provider’s service contains a unique API id. So, in order for you to view this API id, you have to start by having a Provider entry that represents the Dhru Fusion direct source provider in your website.

Rather than spell out all of the details here, take a look at this video that shows you step by step how to create a Provider entry:

Once you have your Provider entry created and tested, come back here to continue the process to manually create a mobile unlock service with WooCommerce.

Find the Unlock Service Unique API ID

Now that you have at least one Provider entry to work with, let’s locate the API id of one remote unlock service that will be used in the WooCommerce product.

Step 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on StockUnlocks > Import Services.

wordpress dashboard selecting stockunlocks import servicesdisplay the api id to manually create a mobile unlock serviceStep 2: Select the Provider entry in the drop-down list (the source for the unlock service).

Step 3: Click “Retrieve” to list all of the unlock services associated with this Dhru Fusion Provider.

Step 4: Locate the target unlock service. Write down the value appearing in the “serviceid” column.

It might be a good idea to write down the credits required along with the title as well, since this best summarizes the unlock service.

Create the WooCommerce Product

To create a mobile unlock service using WooCommerce:

woocommerce new product to create a mobile unlock serviceStep 1: Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Products > Add New.

woocommerce add new product entry formStep 2: Enter the title under the “Add new product” (1) heading.

Step 3: Enter a “Description” (2) of the product. You may also enter a “Product short description” in the space provided.

Step 4: Select “Remote Service” (3) in the Product categories section.

This is very important. Categorize the product as “Remote Service”. Otherwise, the StockUnlocks plugin will not process it.

woocommerce product regular and sale price text boxesStep 5: In the Product data section: Select “Simple product” and check “virtual”.

Step 6: Click the “General” tab and enter the “Regular price ($)” and “Sale price ($)” values.

Step 7: Click the “StockUnlocks” tab.

stockunlocks custom tab to create a mobile unlock serviceStep 8: Change the API provider drop-down list to the Provider related to this unlock service.

Step 9: Replace the API id field value with what you wrote down in Step 4 above in “Find the Unique API id …”.

Step 10: Scroll down to the “Serial length” and enter 15 as the default value.

Typically, a serial length of 15 digits is the standard for an IMEI or unique identifier for the mobile device or cell phone.

Certain devices may have a longer IMEI or MEID number. These values are automatically included when importing or updating unlock services from your Dhru Fusion supplier.

There are other settings that are only accessible if you have upgraded to StockUnlocks Pro. You can learn more about these in the StockUnlocks plugin comparison page.

Step 11: Click “Publish” to save your changes and have your product appear on your website. Likewise, you may also click “Save Draft” if you’re not ready to “go live”.

In Summary

All in all, the StockUnlocks plugin does quite a bit of work for you in the background to make running your online mobile and cell phone unlock business run as smoothly as possible.

Imagine if you had to manually create a mobile unlock service product for your website. Here is what that would involve:

  • Find the unique API id of the unlock service(s)
  • Manually create the WooCommerce product (or unlock service)
  • Update the WooCommerce product category as “Remote Service”
  • Select the specific “API provider” in the WooCommerce product
  • Manually enter the corresponding API id
  • Manually enter specifics regarding the created unlock service

Given these points, imagine repeating the above for several more unlock service products. Without a doubt, that would get old fast.

What other tasks should the StockUnlocks plugin automate for you? Let us know what StockUnlocks needs to do to make running your online unlocking business more efficient.

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