ESN Cleaning Blacklisted Barred Blocked No Pay Not Clean Device Service


Many have requested information regarding “cleaning” services for devices that have a blocked or barred ESN or IMEI. There are reasons that these devices are blacklisted:

  •  Original owner did not pay their carrier bill = “No Pay”
  •  The device was lost or stolen and reported as such to the carrier

You may have purchased said device without knowing any of the above and are now stuck with a brick. We understand that it is not entirely your fault.

PLEASE NOTE: This also applies to the so-called Activation Lock or “iCloud Lock” removal services offered for the Apple iPhone. If you possess a device which is locked via iCloud, why is that? Of course, someone may have sold you the device in that state.

However, only the original owner has the ability to remove such a lock. There are existing blacklisted cleaning services that appear to be legit. We don’t offer these services directly, but encourage you to communicate well with the supplier you decide to work with. Check out our Blacklisted Products and Services.

We are not sure of the methods used in “cleaning” or “unblocking” such devices, we leave it up to you to choose your supplier in order to obtain such cleaning services.

We understand the pain and frustration you must be going through, especially if someone deceitfully sold you a known blocked/barred device with a bad ESN/IMEI.

All the best,

– StockUnlocks


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